Saturday, February 14, 2009

A New Tenant - Part II

It is only 9:15 in the evening. My Master is absorbed in some television program downstairs. I have 45 minutes of free time to do with as I wish. I pick up the latest V. C. Andrews novel from the dresser and stretch out across the bed. I am a huge fan of the V. C. Andrews. For those that may not know; V. C. Andrews is the author of "Flowers in the Attic" which was made into a movie quite a few years ago. The author herself died after only a few of her books were publish. However, her family has continued to write her novels under her name. I have read and collected every book ever put out under that name. The are all very good. Although, they all have the same plot. Nonetheless, I enjoy them. J often brings me home the latest copy as a reward for good behavior. This particular book "Delia's Gift" was a reward for learning how to swallow his cum without gagging.

After reading the first three paragraph's multiple times without comprehension, I lay the book back down. My mind is on that dark haired raven down the hall. Just thinking about her makes me want to rub my slit that is still very wet. I groan in frustration and leap off the bed. I may as well start my nightly routine since I can't focus on the book.

I go into the bathroom and bring out my skin care products. I remove my make-up and apply the various moisturizers, brush my hair, brush and floss my teeth, and don a sheer black night gown. Master normally requires me naked and waiting, but he indicated that he wanted to discuss Amanda tonight before retiring. He does enjoy the sexy gowns that he buys me from time to time. I think tonight would be an appropriate night to wear one.

Just as I finished, I hear J's heavy footsteps entire the room and the door close behind him. "That's always been one of my favorite gowns. I can see I need to start buying you a few things. That one is quite large on you now. You have done very well on your diet. How much have you lost so far?"

"Fifty-three pounds now Sir" I answer sheepishly. I can't deny that I was excited about the prospect of having new clothing. J is right, most of my wardrobe is quite large and not as flattering as they used to be.

"Very good. You should be near your goal then. Dr. Price suggested 154 pounds, is that correct"?

"Yes, Sir. That's what he wanted me to start out at. Then he wants to do more blood work and re-evaluate. "

"When do you anticipate reaching your goal? I'd like to do something special for you for your hard work and dedication. Do you still have plenty of your medication?" He asks.

"Well Sir, I'm not sure when to anticipate reaching the goal. The last two weeks I've been at a plateau. I'm still exercising and maintaining my caloric range, I just don't seem to be losing any right now. I am running low on the cholesterol medication, but I have enough to last a few more days. I ran out of my test strips this morning though".

"Very well, I'll make a trip to the drug store first thing in the morning before heading out for work. The scale may not be reflecting any weight loss, but I've noticed a difference in the last couple of weeks. I believe you are replacing some of the weight with muscle now. You're clothes continue to fit a little looser." I don't think you should alter your diet or caloric intake. Maybe we should increase the amount of cardiovascular exercises. From now on, you are to do 45 minutes of cardio instead of the usual 30 minutes. That should help with getting the scale moving again. You're doing very well. I'm proud of you, I hope you know that. You're hard work and your dedication has really paid off. I've noticed an increase of energy. That added energy serves me well. I have an idea, we'll talk about that another time though. Tell me what you think of Amanda".

"Well, Sir" I begin. "She seems a bit shy, but very kind. She appears to have a genuine desire to please. She seems to know her way around a kitchen. I think she'll work out just fine Sir."

J begins to laugh. "I couldn't agree with you more. However, that's not what I wanted to know from you. I want to know if you respond to her. Does she appeal to you physically?"

I begin to blush, "yes Sir, I'm rather attracted to her. My pussy began to throb and moisten as soon as I laid eyes on her. I believe we compliment each other very well physically; She with her dark hair, dark skin, and deep brown-black eyes: me with my pale skin, hazel eyes, and blonde hair."

J throws out one of his big smiles of amusement and continues "True. I'm glad to hear that my selection of servants excites you. I have spent many of months looking for the right girl. A girl that would meet my needs and yet be of service to you as well. My intentions are for her to become our slave. You will be in charge of her. You will be responsible for her training. And you WILL be expected to discipline her when she needs it. You will not be allowed to go easy on her. If you fail to discipline her as needed, it will be you that will be disciplined. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir, I understand" I say while casting my eyes downward to look at the floor by his feet. I have never been that good at the discipline aspects of things. It was J that took on most of that responsibility with the children when they were growing up. I know that had always disappointed him. He had always wanted me to take on more of that responsibility. Many times I had taken a beaten because I wasn't strict enough on the kids. Over the years, I had gotten better, but was never quite the enforcer J had wished I'd be. Regardless, they are all grown now and have all turned out to be pretty decent adults leading their own lives responsibly.

"Amanda will be responsible for the morning meals, the laundry, and the business accounting. You will still be doing the work orders and completions. You will also be required to come to work with me more frequently when weather permits" he says to me. Reaching up with his right hand, he caresses my face "I wouldn't want to subject that beautiful soft skin to harsh temperatures". I could feel the heat build up in the center of my body. My pussy begins to throb and moisten again. It always does at his touch. "Yes, Sir" I simply respond with a weak voice.

Remembering my instructions from earlier in the night to repeat my offer of a blow job, I offer again "Would you like a blow job Sir"

Without saying a word, he unfastens his belt and loosens his jeans. My mouth begins to water. I love sucking my Masters cock. He always tastes so good. I am eager to take his full length into my mouth, craving the taste of him. Patiently, I wait for him to take his cock out for me, or to give me permission to reach into his jeans and pull it out myself.

"You want this big cock don't you slut?" He teases. "You'd like to suck it wouldn't you?"

"Mmmm Yes, Sir" I state with deep longing.

"Too bad, you'll have to wait. I want to shower first. But you can suck it after I'm finished". Now take off that gown and wait for me on the bed. Lay on your back and leave your head hanging off the side a little bit. I want to fuck that eager little mouth of yours." J walks into the bathroom and I follow his instructions. I lay on the bed patiently waiting just like he told me to.

J exited the shower and I watched him dry off with a towel. I lay back onto the bed with my head leaning off as he instructed. He came up behind me without speaking a word and grabbed my hair to pull my head further back. I opened my mouth wide to receive his cock. I began to lick his cock and rub his balls the way I knew he liked. It didn't take but a few strokes to make his cock hard. He moaned his satisfaction. He held my hair tighter, motioning for me to stop moving. I could feel his harden cock hit the back of my throat with the first thrust of his hips. J began to pump his cock deep and hard into my throat. I gagged a couple of times; he seemed to be turned on even more by that. After a few more strokes, J pulled his cock out of my mouth and teased my lips with just the head. "Would you like to cum in my mouth Sir, or would you prefer to fuck me tonight?" I asked hopefully.

"I haven't decided yet" he stated as he jammed his cock back into my throat again. J gave a little chuckle as I gagged on his thickness once again. "You like that don't you slut? You want some more of that?" He didn't give me the opportunity to answer. "That's just too fucking bad bitch. I've decided I want to fuck you. Roll over onto your knees and put your ass high in the air for me". Without giving me a chance to move, he flung me over with one arm under my thigh.

"That's a good girl. Put that ass up higher" he demanded as his palm made contact with my bare ass. For good meassure he slapped me again. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing my slit. I was wet. I had hoped he'd want to fuck me tonight. My pussy ached to be filled by him. He continued to rub my slit with his cock - teasing me. I couldn't strifle the moan that escaped from my throat. He laughed. "You are all ready for this big cock aren't ya slut? Maybe I won't give it to you. Maybe I'll just jack off and spray my cum onto your back. Would you like that filthy slut?"

Before I could answer I could feel him move back away from me. I filled with emptiness at no longer feeling his touch. "If that's what you'd like to do Sir, I'm here to please you anyway you'd like" I finally answered.

"That's what I like to hear. You're a good little slut. What are you slut? I want to hear you say it" I hear him say. "I'm a filthy slut Sir" I respond. He slapped me on the ass again. "I am your filthy slut Sir" I corrected. "That's right you're my slut" I heard him moan as he jammed his cock into my wet slit buring it to the hilt. He just stood there for a moment enjoying the heat from my pussy wrapped around his cock. "And this is my filthy pussy too. I can fuck this pussy anytime I want. I own this pussy. Who's pussy is this slut?" He askes as he begins to fuck my pussy deep and hard. "It's your pussy Sir" I answer.

"That's right. And who's ass is this" he askes as he takes his cock out of my pussy and begins to rub the head over my asshole. "It's your ass Sir, to use anyway you'd like" I moaned. He begin to penetrate my asshole with just the head of his cock. He slides it in until my assholes surrounds the ridge of his head then pulled it out again. He repeats this motion for several minutes, teasing my asshole. I groan with anticipation. I feel an orgasm build, but I knew I couldn't release it until he gave me permission to.

"You like that don't you slut? You want to cum on my cock don't you?" he asks. "Yes, Sir I want to cum on your cock while you're fucking my asshole Sir." I spoke honestly. "Too bad. You have to ask for it first" and he continues to tease my asshole. "Sir, please, May I cum"

"No, you hold it slut. You hold it, don't you dare cum until I tell you to" he grunted at me. He must have grown tired of torturing me, because he began to fuck my asshole deep and hard. He buried his cock into my ass until I could feel his balls against my slit. "Hold it" he warns once again.

I knew he was about to reach his own orgasm. I could hear it in his breathing. I could feel his thigh musles tighten up, and he began to grunt. "Hold it" he reminds me. I could feel his cock throb inside of me. I knew he would cum soon. "Now bitch, cum on me now!" My body trembled as I was finally allowed to release my orgasm. I could feel him reach his at the same time.

After a few more thrusts, his movements began to slow until finally he slipped his cock out of my asshole gently. I lay there exhausted but very content. I could feel J leave my side and heard the bathroom closet door open and close, water running, and then I felt him return to my side. The warm cloth felt good again my wet sticky asshole and pussy as he wiped me clean of our sweet fuck juices. "You done a great job on the guest room today. I wanted to show my appreciation for being such a devoted slut."

"Thank you Sir. I'm glad it meets your approval" I say with a yawn. I could hear J chuckle about that.

"I suppose I did wake you up earlier than normal this morning didn't I? You'll get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Amanda will be expected to tend to my morning needs. Unless I decide I want another peace of my pussy before I go" he stated as he tossed the wet cloth on the floor. "Come here my pet, curl up next to me and go to sleep. I love you".

"I love you too Master. Good night" I whisper as I gently fall asleep curled up next to the man I love and worship.

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  1. Oh I'm liking this story.... cannot wait for part 3.