Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Friend

After several attempts to remain asleep and get in my full 8 hours of sleep, I gave up and climbed out of bed. I threw on my robe and went downstairs to say good morning to my Master. He's an early riser, and was already dressed and ready for work. I could see he already had his morning coffee. He was on the phone with the office updating them on his work load, so I fixed my morning drink in silence. "You're up early this morning, did you sleep well" he said, signaling that he was off the phone. Not knowing how to answer without sounding like a complaint I simply answered "Good morning. No, not really, I kept waking up. But that's OK, now I get to see you before you head off to work" and gave him a bright smile. I was hoping this answer would satisfy him and he'd not ask further about my night.

"Oh. How come, this makes two nights straight that you haven't slept well?". How do I answer this question honestly without sounding weak? I smiled and gently replied "Every time I rolled over in my sleep I'd wake up remembering your touch". This was an honest answer. My neck and ass were still sore from the flogging from a couple nights ago. The bruises made it uncomfortable to lay in any one position for any length of time. *J* seemed pleased with my answer "Good, bet you'll play to your best ability from here on out won't you?" he said with a sinister chuckle.

"Well I'm off to work" he stated as he crushed out his cigarette and stood up from the table. "We have darts tonight. I should be home by 4:00. I expect you to be ready by the time I get home". He leaned down to kiss the top of my head. "Oh, and you won't be wearing any bra and panties tonight either; dress nice - no jeans and t-shirt. I have a friend coming out that I want to introduce you to" he spat out as he closed the door behind him.

"Dress nice? What does he mean by that?" I asked myself in wonder. I knew his preferred look was slutty and whorish, but we would be playing darts at a non-lifestyle bar. I remembered a saying he liked to quote frequently "all men want a lady in the street and a freak in the bed". I decided to go with a more classy appearance with gray business slacks, a black low cut satin blouse, and heels of course. *J* liked the look of my slender legs in heels. It has been a rule that I wear heels when we went to any social event - lifestyle related or not.

With the decision made, I went about completing my chores for the day. After I finished, I had time to do some writing before preparing for the evening. I enjoy writing short stories. It helps me keep my mind creative and relaxes me. *J* enjoys my stories too. He tells me that its good for a dirty slut to keep her mind active. I try to write stories that I know would entertain and amuse him as well as release my creativity.

As I finished writing, it was time to get prepared. I didn't really think soaking in the jacuzzi was necessary today. Last night *J* had me soak with him, but he told me then that I was to go ahead and soak again today. So I did. He had also told me to pour some bleach into the tub once I got out and let the jets run for a bit. "To clean out the dirty filthy slut cum" he explained. I would be sure not to forget to bleach the tub just in case he asked.

At 4:15 I heard the diesel engine pull into the driveway. I hurriedly ran down the stairs to pour him a glass of iced tea and greet him at the door. He was pleased with the outfit I chose. "Very nice. Exactly what I had in mind" he praised as he kissed my nose hello. "Thank you Sir. How was your day?" I asked. With a roll of his eyes he grunted "Lets not worry your little head with that right now. We'll discuss it later. Right now I want a hot shower."

*J* looked me over head to toe. He appeared to be quite pleased until he saw my feet. "Nice boots" he said with a smile and a gleam in his eyes. I knew that smile well. "Didn't I tell you that you were not to wear socks or shoes around the house from now on?". He did, but he also told me to be ready to go when he got home. I didn't bother with my excuses. I made a mistake in assuming too much. He was right, I was told not to wear shoes around the house. I just stood there in silence. He laughed with amusement at me. "Come with me upstairs and get these completions done while I'm in the shower. It'll be a late night". I quickly moved behind him. The first thing I done when I sat at my desk was to take off my boots and stockings. I would complete the paperwork in my bare feet.

I was still working at my desk when *J* finished with his shower. "I had trouble with the shut off valve down in Osawatomie today. It's located under the house in the crawl space. It was flooded when I got there and had to be pumped out. The dirt was wet and muddy making it difficult for me to keep my footing. It was a bitch to put the new lines into place with me sinking and sliding in the mud. It took longer than what I hoped. I wanted to swing by the Grandview job on the way home and get it knocked out of the way today too. I'll just have to go first thing in the morning and bring that paperwork back to you." *J* was just chatting idly, sitting on the bed with nothing but a towel on. I knew he was impatiently waiting for me to finish with the paperwork. I listened intently and offered suggestions while typing as fast as I could to get finished. "Aren't you about done yet" he finally asked with irritation. "Yes, I'm finishing up now" I answered.

He watched as I sent the final forms out through the email. "Go get my razor" he ordered as he lay back on the bed. I quickly retrieved his razor and tossed it onto the bed next to him. He laughed and shook his head. "Oh no, get your lazy ass over here and trim me up bitch". He hasn't had me shave him in a long time. This was one of my favorite things to do for him. I enjoyed holding his cock in my hands and removing the stubble from his member and the area around it. He has a beautiful cock. I loved feeling it grow in my hands as I worked. I carefully removed the hair. He likes to be dry shaved. "It gets a smoother result" he says. When finished, I got a cloth to clean the loose hair from his skin.

I was just about to get up when I felt his hand at the back of my head. He grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled my head down onto his hardened cock. "Suck this bitch, worship this cock like a good slut". He jammed his cock deep into my throat making me cough and gag. "That's it, take it all. Suck it you dirty slut" he chanted. "You like that don't you?" I nodded my head to affirm that I did in fact love worshiping my master's cock. "Give me the ring bitch". I had to slow my movements so that I could press the ball of my tongue ring into the small opening of his cock. He moaned with pleasure. "That's enough" he said and shoved my mouth over the length of his cock again. "Damn that feels good. You do your job well." he praised. He grabbed my head on each side to stop any movement and began pumping his cock deep and hard into my throat. "Show me how much you love sucking my cock. I want to hear you cum bitch. Cum now". *J* has so much control over me, he can control my orgasms with just a command. My body began to shake with the orgasm.

"Roll over onto your back and hang your head off the bed" he ordered. "I want to fuck that cum sucking mouth". I done as he said. He came to the side of the bed. Once again he began to fuck my mouth pushing his cock deep into my throat. I felt him place his hand over my throat and squeeze, cutting the air off. He continued to fuck my mouth until I heard him grunt... signaling that he was about to cum. "Swallow this slut. Don't you spill a drop. Drink it all" he said as I felt his hot juices flow down into my mouth. He released my throat. I gulped all of his cum down with the first gasp of air. *J* began to dress and ordered me to get cleaned up. "Put those boots on and lets go. I'll be waiting for you in the truck".

When we arrived at the bar, *J's* friend was already waiting for us. "Hi Mike, I'd like you to meet my angel. She's the one I've been telling you about". Mike stretched out his hand to shake mine. "My aren't you a sexy little thing" he said to me. I smiled politely, shook his hand, and said "Hello Mike. Thank you". Mike was a tall handsome black fellow with an athletic build. I hadn't seen him before and wondered where *J* met him. He and *J* began chattering away about fuel prices. I stood with them listening. *J* leaned over and whispered into my ear "Mike here is proud of his dart throwing ability. When you play against him tonight don't take it easy on him. No holds barred". He chuckled and motioned for me to go on and make my rounds.

Later on, Mike and I were called to play against one another. Mike was right to be proud of his dart throwing. He was an avid dart player. He was going to be tough to beat. The first round was close, he won. I hit a double instead of a single 13 making me bust on the 501 game. Mike closed out his round with a high out of 89. On the second round we played cricket. I won that round. Since this is a best 2 out of 3 tournament that meant we'd have to go to round three. I followed Mike with the cork. He nailed the bullseye straight on. I landed one hole out. Winning the cork, Mike chose to play 501 again. I knew I was in trouble. 501 is not my preferred game. I opened the match with 140 points. Mike followed up with 119. This was going to be a close round again. Mike came out ahead. He was left with a bull to close out. I still had 139 points to close. I would have to hit the trip 20 and a single 19 to win. This was going to be my last shot to beat him. Mike wasn't going to miss the bulleyes on his next throw. If I was going to win, I'd have to take my 139 points right then. I threw my first dart and struck the single 19. The second dart landed right on target: trip 20. The pressure was on, I threw the third dart and it landed solid on the trip 20. I'd won! And I took the high out for the night.

Mike shook my hand and congratulated me. "You're a hell of a dart thrower lady. *J* warned me about you. He wasn't kidding. Good game". I smiled with pride from his praise. "Thank you Mike. You're a good player yourself. I hope to see you again in the finals".

I did see Mike again in the finals. He took third place and I took second. After the tournament was over, we all filed out into our vehicles to head home. *J* was escorting me to the truck when he announced "Mike is following us home for coffee. I expect you to be a good hostess". We continued to walk to the truck to the sound of *J's* amused laughter.

Mike arrived at the house behind us. I went in to start a fresh pot of coffee. I was getting out the dice when I heard the men's laughter. "Oh good. I smell the coffee brewing. We won't be needing those dice tonight angel" *J* said. Mike complimented me on our home and asked for a tour. I showed him around and took him back to the kitchen. *J* was already at the table with three coffee cups waiting. Mike took a seat at the table and I began to pour the coffee. After setting out the cream and sugar, I joined the two men at the table.

I liked Mike. He was kind and funny. I learned that he was a single guy recently widowed. His wife had been involved in a car accident a year prior. Prior to her death, they had been swingers and had seen *J's* and my profile on c4p. He saw*J* earlier in the week on a job site and Mike admitted that he recognized him. After a few minutes of conversation,*J* invited him to come to darts with us and Mike accepted.

The conversation turned to the lifestyle. "How long have you guys been in the lifestyle" Mike asked. *J* explained how he came to be in the lifestyle long ago and how he drug me into it a few years later. "Yeah, I came kicking and screaming alright" I jokingly played along. "Truth is, I was already interested in the lifestyle; just didn't know what it was called. *J* simply gave me the answer and showed me the way. " "How do you feel about single black guys" Mike asked turning towards me. Not knowing how to answer I laughed "I'm sure you're no different than a single white man". *J* nodded his head in approval of my answer and Mike smiled. He seemed to be pleased with the answer as well. "Good, Good I'm very glad to hear that. *J* tells me that you've never had sex with a black man before?" he questioned. Before I had a chance to answer *J* stood up with his cup of coffee in hand "What do you say we all move upstairs and put on some music". "Yes, that sounds like a good idea" Mike agreed grabbing his cup of coffee. I grabbed my cup and followed behind them.

"Light up some candles Angel" *J* ordered as he sat down to put on the music. I done as I was told. *J* nodded pointedly towards my boots. I understood right away that I better bare my feet again. I sat down at the conversation table in the corner of the room to remove my boots and stocking. I had come to understand that this night was going to be about more than just coffee and music. I became nervous and excited all at once.

*J* knew I had never been with a black guy before. He also knew that being fucked by a black man was a fantasy of mine. He obviously hadn't forgotten. It was clear that he carefully arranged this meeting. My master is a loving and caring master. He can be harsh at times, and he can be very demanding at times; but he has his moments when he is considerate of my desires as well. This is one of those times. I will be certain to show him my appreciation later. Make no mistake about it; *J* will make sure that I do.

"Come here Angel" *J* beckoned. I moved over to him. He placed a hand on my shoulder and pressed me downward. I kneeled in front of him. He began to kiss and nibble on my neck. I was a bit nervous with Mike standing next to us watching but I quickly forgot when *J* bit down on the back of my neck hard. I sucked in a deep breath of pleasure. Master knows very well where my trigger points are. He slipped my blouse off and I saw from the corner of my eye that he made a gesture in Mikes direction. As my blouse was slipped over my head I felt Mike move in to take it from *J's* hands. Mike tossed the blouse onto the floor. I could feel him kneel behind me. He starting kissing on my neck where *J* had just left his bite mark. *J* began to nibble on my ear and whispered "You'll enjoy this".

Mike placed his hands under my arms to lift me up. I looked up at *J* for approval. He nodded and leaned back in his chair. "Mike you won't mind if I watch would you?" he asked while slipping my slacks off. My slacks fell to the floor and Mike replied "No of course not. Feel free to join in any time you want". That was a good answer. *J* shows a great deal of repsect for those that first show him respect. I could see that Mike and *J* will become quick friends at this rate.

I turn to watch as Mike undressed. He had a handsome body - Tall, lean, sleek, and with dark skin pulled taunt over his muscles. I will enjoy his fucking me. *J* starts teasing my clit. I moaned from the pleasure. Mike came to me and returned to kissing my neck. I moaned yet again. *J* dropped his hand from between my thighs and turned me over into Mike's care. Mike led me to sit on the edge of the bed. He stood in front of me, leaning over as he continued to kiss and nibble my neck. After a few minutes I craved to have a cock in my mouth. I leaned into Mike, using my hand to bring his cock to my mouth. He had a big cock. He had to be at least 10 inches in length and thick - very thick. I began to get nervous. I relaxed when I heard my Masters voice "That's it. Suck that big cock." Mike laughed and leaned back to give me better access. I worked my tongue over his dick feeling it grow inside my mouth. He filled my mouth quickly with his swollen cock. I gagged a little as his cock was steadily growing. I worked his cock over with my mouth until he had enough. He pushed me onto the bed. He took his big cock into his hands and started rubbing my wet pussy with it. I closed my eyes with ecstasy.

Finally, I felt his cock press into me. My pussy stretched from the size of him. It felt good. He filled me completely. He began to pump slowly and gently. As big as he was... slow and gentle was good a nice start. Oh it felt good to be fucked with such a large cock. But he wasn't giving me what I needed. I would never reach orgasm at this rate. Too gentle.

I heard *J* leave his chair and felt his weight join me on the bed. He lay behind my head. He started kissing on my neck and shoulders. "You know what we want bitch" he whispered into my ear. "He wants to feel your juices on his cock. Come on... give it to him. I want to hear you cum on that big black cock now". My body immediately began to tremble at his command. Mike laughed. My display of obedience must have really excited him. He began to pump faster, harder, and deeper into my pussy. This is what I needed. I immediately felt another climax building. "You fucking slut, hold it. Don't you dare cum until I tell you to" I heard my Master's voice whisper. I squeezed and held back my orgasm. "Hold it... Hold it" *J* chanted. Mike had worked up into a frenzy by this point. He was pumping and fucking my pussy hard. I could feel the ache in my pussy as it began to swell from the abuse. Oh it felt so good. I wanted to cum but kept hearing"Hold it... Hold it" in my ear.

I felt *J's* hand over my throat. "You stivel that orgasm you fucking bitch. You better hold it". My air had been squeezed off. I thought I was going to pass out. I wasn't sure whether it was from the need to cum or from the lack of air. Finally I heard the order "Cum now you fucking filthy slut". I shuddered hard with orgasm. I could hear Mike had reached his orgasm too. I felt his cock throb inside of my stretched pussy. He groaned with the release. I could feel his cum spill out onto my thighs.

Mike fell to the bed next to me. "Oh god *J*, she has such a tight pussy. That was great". Mike caressed my arm and said simply "Thank you". The three of us lay on the bed listening to the music and chatting for awhile. Eventually Mike stood up to leave. I lay there watching until he was dressed. I stood up to grab a robe and walk him to the door. *J* pushed me back onto the bed "I'll walk him to the door".

The two men exited the room. *J* turned back to me "You fucking slut. You'll fuck anyone I tell you too and like it won't you?" "Yes Master" I answered. He laughed. "Good now get your cum soaked pussy washed up. I'll be back for you in a few minutes. Your duties aren't done for the day just yet. It's my turn"

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taken off the Shelf

Last night was a very long night. *J* was in one of his moods. I woke up this morning aching and sore. I, of course, was very thankful to be of service to him. I had been set upon a shelf for so long, I no longer felt as if I was deserving of my place as his slave. After last night, I now feel as if I've been put into the place where I belong: a place I have waited for my Master to put me in for a very long time. A place beneath him... under his total control.

I knew I was in for a long night when my Master beckoned me into the bedroom and instructed me to get the paperwork done while he was in the shower. Normally, he allows me to complete paperwork at my leisure. I hurriedly got the job done and began my nightly ritual of washing my face and applying my skin care treatments. I heard him call from the bedroom "You're taking too long, hurry your slow ass up bitch".

I finished and entered the bedroom. He had some lengths of cotton rope and various floggers laying on the bed. I nervously continued into the room and asked if I could smoke a cigarette. *J* had not given me any instructions yet and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't dare be presumptuous and try to guess what he had planned. I nervously lit my marlboro and waited for his instruction; trembling while I waited.

Finally, after I crushed out my smoke he spoke. "Get those clothes off, you filthy slut, and do it quickly". The sound of authority in his voice instantly evoked a sense of fear, and yet... a strong desire to be his play toy for the night. My pussy instantly throbbed with the want of him and the desire to serve him. "Now lay on the bed face down bitch". I did as he commanded. I began shaking a little when he started wrapping the ropes around my wrists. He tied them so tight, the rope began to pinch my tender flesh. He fastened my bound wrists to the bed making them immobile. He then moved to my ankles and bound them with rope to the bed as well. Anxious and excited, I waited to see what would be next for me.

"What happened during the chess games? You lost twice to me too easily. I don't want some mindless fucking bitch. I want something that can offer up a challenge. You can play better than that. I will teach you a lesson. I bet next time you'll play to your ability. If not you'll remember this night" I hear as the first blow of the flogger strikes my bare ass. I cringe under the sting as yet another blow strikes, and another. He had a point to make, and I was getting it real quick. The strikes became harder and harder. They were no longer stinging, they were nearly pain blinding. I couldn't hold back my tears. It was getting increasingly harder to muffle my cries. I did not want to prove to be weak in my Masters eyes... weakness is not tolerated. *J* continued to deliver blow after blow. A couple of them coming down upon my tailbone. I nearly cried out.

Finally, *J* lay the flogger aside and began to rub my raw ass. His touch on my tender skin stung: a wonderful sting that made me proud to be my Masters servant. A sting that was so delicious it made the painful blows well worth the tolerance. My master began to brag how beautiful his red ass was and how much he loved to see it so red and raw. This moment made all the previous moments of pain all worth it. He was pleased. Pleasing my master is what I live for.

I heard *J* reach into the bedside table drawer for something. Shortly after I felt the wet sticky lube poured all over my asshole and pussy. It was dripping between my thighs and running down my ass crack. I guessed he decided to make use of my freshly reddened ass as his hole of pleasure. I was right, only it wasn't his cock that entered me. Instead he plunged a cold, hard, very large dildo into my asshole. He began to pump it in and out of my ass. I could feel the stinging sensation of my asshole stretching. He has not used my asshole for a long time and it was not used to being stretched so much. The pain was uncomfortable, but not intolerable. As long as my pain and discomfort was causing him pleasure, I would tolerate anything.

The ropes were cutting into my wrists. They quit aching long ago, they were now numb. I kept rubbing my fingers together trying to get the blood flowing again, but it didn't help. I dare not complain or look weak to my Master so I kept quiet about it. My only fear was the numbness. I am a diabetic therefore, circulation is a problem. With my hands going numb, it may be days or weeks before feeling came back. I had wished *J* would notice that I was struggling with them, even if that meant more lashes with the flogger.

After what seemed like half an hour with a dildo in my ass, *J* finally removed the dildo and began to open hand slap my tender ass. His touch was welcomed. It felt good to finally have my Master's hands on me. He dug his fingernails into my shoulders and drug them clear down to the underside of my ass several times. Oh how good it felt to be used by *J* once again. "You fucking slut, take this" I then heard him say as he jammed his hard cock into my asshole. He fucked my ass hard and deep. It felt good. I was nothing but a hole to him.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out "Are you alright?" he asked. Dare I mention the numbness in my hands? After a moment of thought, I knew I'd really get my ass beat if I allowed something bad to happen. He'd be very upset with me if I allowed his toy to be injured. "My hands are numb" I admitted. I didn't complain. I just stated a fact he would want to know. *J* climbed off of me and undid my wrists. Blood began to flow immediately and my fear of the numbness was laid to rest. The numbness quickly turned to tingling as the numbness subsided.

*J* returned to my ass and continued to fuck it hard and deep. It felt good to have his hard cock inside of me once again. It felt good to be his toy: his hole of pleasure. *J* groaned a deep groan of pleasure. I knew this meant he was about to cum. He pulled his throbbing cock out of my ass and spewed his cum all over my back. The heat from him felt good on my tender flesh. It felt good enough to cum to, but *J* had not given me permission to cum so I held it back.

"Go take a shower and clean up you filthy little slut. I'm not done with you yet" *J* ordered. As I climbed off the bed, I was weak and sore. I hid my smile from him as I went into the shower. My Master wasn't done using me yet.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bared Feet Until Further Notice

Fresh out of the shower, I walk into the kitchen in nothing but my bathrobe, still wearing the towel wrapped around my head to soak up the excess water from my hair. *J* looks up from his morning cup of coffee and notices my bare feet. He reached into his wallet and tossed a $50 bill on the table. "You should see the nail technician today. Your feet are too beautiful to be without polish. I really like the french manicure look."

I immediately understood that this was a command and not a request. Right after I finished the chores for the day, I'd be running into town to get a french pedicure.

"Oh and by the way, until further notice you will not be wearing socks or shoes around the house" he states matter-of-factually as he leaned down to kiss the tip of my nose. "I'll be home late tonight, but I expect you to be to waiting up for me".

*J* took a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back so I was looking directly into his face, "Understand?". "Yes Sir" I quickly answered. "Good, I'll see you tonight" he stated he walked out the door leaving me there reeling with the ache at the back of my head.

I knew exactly what he expected. He expected me to be properly groomed when he got home. *J* is adamant when it comes to his expectations. I would be expected to be properly groomed. Which is to say, he expected me to soak in the tub in order to make sure my skin was soft, moist, and pleasant to his touch. He expected me to be shaved smooth so that he would not be pricked by stubble. He expected me to have my hair clean, styled, and smelling nice. I knew he expected me to be bra-less and panty-less as always. Wearing a bra or panties was not allowed around the house. I also knew that he expected me to have my hair down because pulling my hair back around the house wasn't allowed either. He wants my long blonde hair loose and flowing around my shoulders. Easy for him to grab ahold of I suspect is he reasoning. And now, having bared feet will also be expected.

This was going to be difficult to follow. I get cold easily, especially when my feet are bare. It will be uncomfortably cold without socks. *J* doesn't care about my comfort though. Neither do I... just so long as he is happy; I am happy. This is just another item on the list that'll make him happy. Besides, If I know my master, he'll have fun warming them up for me later. He loves to pamper me. That is, as long as I show that I am completely willing to comply with his demands.

I had gone to the salon as told. After I got back I went through my chores as I normally do. *J* doesn't have any expectations in regards to chores or household stuff. But its something I like to do. It has always been my firm belief that a clean home is a happy home and a happy home means a happy master. So I do these things because I love my master and because I feel like I'm doing more to serve him. I feel it is my place as a slave to do these things for him, even if they are not requested.

I had just finished getting the kids off to bed when I heard the diseal engine to *J's* pick up pull into the drive. It had been especially cold today. I had made him a pot of coffee because I knew he would appreciate it when he got in. But I had misguaged his arrival time. I quickly ran over to turn the pot back on, hoping the coffee hadn't cooled off too much. *J* isn't petty about this sort of thing. He doesn't mind warming up a cup of coffee in the microwave. But he has been known to use such petty things as a mind fuck. I just never know when he may be in the mood for a good mind fuck.

Apparently, today he is in one of those moods.

I watch patiently as *J* comes through the door, pulling his coat off and hanging it in the closet. I immediately get up to pour him a cup of coffee. I see the steam and was thankful that the coffee hadn't gotten cold yet. *J* takes a seat at the table and pulls out the chess game. This is a nightly ritual we go through. We both enjoy the game and *J* prefers to play over his coffee while he unwinds for the day. Although, now I am afraid of losing a game to him. I am the better chess player but one day I threw a game and let him beat me. I wasn't discrete enough about it. *J* knew I had thrown the game and he made me pay for it. *J* has gotten good at chess and can win about as often as I can. However, I can never play without the fear of losing and him think I gave it to him. For I know that price would be steep. This fear makes me a better chess player, and I really enjoy living in that fear. The fear of the unknown... what will he do next? It's a beautiful feeling.

"Are the kids asleep" *J* asks. I informed him that they were. They had done their homework, their chores, took their showers, and were all in bed asleep on time tonight. "Good" he says "take off your jeans and t-shirt". As I'm stripping down for him, he continues to talk. "I see you got the pedicure done today. Your feet look nice. And thank you for leaving your socks and shoes off as I requested. "You're a good little slut aren't you?" "Yes" I answered. "And I treat you good don't I?" Leery now at the direction of his questions, I answer with a shaken "Yes, Sir". "Then why did you serve me half warm coffee?" I began to stammer out an explaination and offer to warm it up for him. "No, I have a better Idea." *J* grabs the back of my hair and forced me to look him in the face. "Get on the floor on your hands and knees". I quickly surrender and do as he said.

*J* leaned over me and began to drip his coffee onto my naked back and hips. True to his word, the coffee was not hot, but it was still hot enough to sting my bare skin. I cringed with the sting each time the dark droplets fell onto me. *J* begins laughing at me. I dared not move away from the hot liquid, fearful that if I did, another kind of pain may come next. Instead I kneel at his feet and continue to take his abuse until he bore with it. "What a good little dumpster you are" he says to me. Then he began to pour the hot liquid onto my cold bare feet. As cold as my feet were, the liquid seemed hotter than what it really was. My feet ached from the sharp stinging sensation. My master didn't relent until all the coffee had been emptied from his cup.

*J* stood over me unfastening his breeches. I could see that the humiliation was having an effect on him. Humiliating me always seemed to turn him on and get his blood boiling. This time was no different. *J* yanked my head by the hair into his croch "Suck this you dirty little whore. You are a whore aren't you?" He yanked my head away from him and demanded "Who's whore are you?" "I'm you're whore Sir" I replied. "Damn straight you are" he grunted as he shoved my mouth back onto his hardened cock. He continued to shove his cock into my mouth over and over again splitting my lip with the force. The length of him choking me with each stroke, making me cough and gag. It seemed like my master would never stop. He must have visited one of his girlfriends before coming home. Otherwise, he would have been quicker to orgasm. Finally, *J* reached the point of orgasm and pulled his cock out of my mouth, spilling his sticky wet cum all over my breasts.

"Now throw on a robe and come play chess with me. Leave my cum on your breasts. And don't forget... those feet are to remain bare until further notice" he demanded as he refastened his jeans.

Desires of Servitude

I desire to be totally possessed... or owned by my master. I am a slave to his desires and whims. However, not to the extent that I could. However, this is not about what I want or desire; This is about what he wants and needs from me. I only wish to be a whore of servitude to him: His possession to do with as he pleases, when and where he pleases.

My master loves, admires, and respects me. Maybe this is what keeps him from dehumanizing me and making me his property in every sense of the word. I do know that if he did not love, admire, or respect me - he would not want me or need my servitude. Maybe this is all he wants and expects from me. Who am I to question his motives? I am here to serve him and totally comply with his wishes and commands without question.