Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Tenant

"Get up" a familiar voice says. "You have things to do today". I groggily wipe the sleep from my eyes and begin to rise. "Move it" my Master demanded with a quick slap to my bare ass. "Yes Sir" I managed to mutter. Pulling a terry cloth robe from the hook, I began to follow J into the hallway and down the stairs. My training has taught me to automatically load the coffee pot and let it begin perking. Master always wants his coffee first thing in the morning.

I look over at the microwave and notice it's only 5:30 in the morning. This is most definitely unusual. I begin to hope this isn't one of those days where J demands I dress for work and go to work with him. I look out the window and see the ground covered with snow and the tree branches curve from the wind. This is too cold of a day for me to be working outside.

"Would you like me to make you some breakfast this morning?" I ask my Master. "No, don't bother. I've already had my breakfast. I have a long day at work today and will be home late. I will not be coming home alone this evening. I want you to strip the guest room and get it prepared for our new tenant. I want the room completely cleaned from top to bottom. This will be your last time you will be expected to clean that room. Are my instructions clear?"

"Yes Master" I quickly respond. J didn't tell me about any new tenant. Who is going to be living here with us? Why did he not tell me about this? "Sir, may I ask who our new tenant might be?" I nervously question. "Noone you know. No more questions. I will tell you what you need to know when I make the introductions this evening. Remember that you'll be serving dinner for three tonight." I nod my head and respectfully reply "Yes, Sir".

J leaned down and kissed me on top of the head and then walked out the door with no further instructions, and no further explanation of who our new tenant would be. I didn't even know he was considering a new tenant. What could all of this mean?

Trying not to think about it anymore, I get busy with making my breakfast and going through my morning routine. Once my routine was over I ate some lunch and made my way to the guest room. I stripped the sheets and blankets from the bed, took the mattress outside to air out. I dusted and polished furniture, washed walls, vacuumed and shampooed the carpet. I even vacuumed out the dresser drawers to make sure there wasn't any dust in them. When finished, I light a candle and set out clean linens for the bed and clean linens for the adjacent bathroom.

I had just finished with the work when I received a text from J stating that he was on his way home from the airport. This meant it was time to start dinner and make a fresh pitcher of tea.
Seeing as we would have a guest tonight, I should make something special. I'll make my homemade lasagna, tossed salad, corn and zucchini fry, and home made yeast rolls with butter and garlic. Master will be pleased with that and the guest will be quite impressed I'm sure.

I had just brought the bread out of the oven when I heard the pick-up pull into the drive. I grabbed the glass of ice out of the freezer and poured J's tea and added two sweeteners. I then ran to the door to look out the window to see if I could get a glance at our new tenant. Climbing out of the truck was a beautiful dark haired lady. She was taller than I am by 3 inches or so... probably 5' 9" and a little overweight. Her hair was shoulder length and curly. Her skin was deeply tanned from too much sun exposure. Her complexion was dry and patchy from the lack of water and too much caffeine. But she was still quite striking to look at. I could feel my pussy throb. I was physically attracted to her.

I've been attracted to other women before but there had only been a few that could make me wet upon sight like this woman did. I watched her carefully as she reached behind the seat and pulled out 2 luggage bags and a couple of boxes. This was unusual. J was always a perfect gentleman towards our other female guests. Why was he letting her carry her own bags.

J came into the house ahead of the dark haired beauty. "Go help the girl with her bags. Take her personal belonging to her room and show her where to wash up. Do it quickly, I assume dinner is done. I'm hungry. Get moving and don't make me wait too long".

"Yes Sir" I state and quickly go out to help the lady.

"Hi. I'm PJ. I was sent out to help you with your belongings. I'll be showing you to your room. You're too leave the bags by your door and clean up for dinner. J will make the introductions at that time. Lets get moving before dinner gets cold."

The girl smiled sweetly and simply said "Thank you". She had a soft voice. I could tell she was a bit shy. I couldn't help but laugh inside... there was no room to be shy around this house. But she would learn that herself rather quickly I was sure.

We both entered the house and went up the stairway that led to her room in silence. "This will be your room. There is a closet behind the door to the right and a bathroom to the left. Why don't you wash up and I'll see you in the dining room in 5 minutes." I instruct her. "Yes, Ma'am. Thank you" she answered and bowed her head.

Ha! Ma'am? I haven't been called Ma'am since the kids graduated high school and left home. The sound of her voice was so sweet, so sexy - I could feel juices from my pussy start to drip to my thighs. I had better go wash up for dinner myself, I thought.

Five minutes later, our new tenant and I met in the hallway that seperated our rooms. She quickly looked down towards the floor and motioned for me to go first. "Excuse me Ma'am. Please lead the way".

J was sitting at the table watching us move together as we descended the stairs. "Awww there you two are. You two make a beautiful sight. Before I make the introductions, why don't you serve us dinner sweetheart". I nod my head and moved towards the kitchen. I served good portions of food on two plates and small portions on my own plate. I put the plates on a tray and begin to serve them.

"No no... make her plate like yours. She has brought it to my attention that she wants to lose weight. We will help her with that. YOU will help her with that since you've done so well with your own diet. From this moment on, you are in charge of her meals and her exercise program. She will be sitting next to you, across from me."

I move back into the kitchen and adjust her food portions. Then I set her plate in front of the chair next to where I usually sit. "Good, now lets eat" J says. J takes a bite into the lasgna and moans his approval. After he finishes with his dinner he sets his fork down, and begins " PJ this is Amanda. She has come to live with us as a hired servant. She expresses her desire to become our slave but for now, I will only grant her the opportunity to be a servant. After 6 months, if she's deserving, I may bring her on as a slave. Until then, you are in charge of her and her training." "Yes, Sir" I hod my understanding. "Amanda, this is PJ. She is my slave and my wife" he continues. "You will at all times respect her and follow her instruction to the T. After tonight, your instructions will come directly from her for the time being. Do you understand?"

Amanda nods her head answers with a simple "Yes". "Excuse me, what was that?" J asked. Amanda hung her head and spoke "Yes, Sir". "Good, from this moment on you will address me as Sir. When in my presense you will address PJ as Ma'am. When I am not at home, you may address her any way she would like for you to. You will answer with a clear and audible voice. I do not want to have to ask you to repeat yourself. Is this understood?" Amanda looks over at me and then back to J "Yes Sir, I understand".

With dinner done and introductions made, J retires to the living room to watch the news. I stood up to clear the table. Amanda quickly joins to help me. Together we put away the leftovers, clear the table, wash the dishes, wash the counters and left the kitchen as spotless as it was before dinner was started. You couldn't even tell that we had eaten there just a few minutes ago. I was impressed. Amanda may be shy, but she knew her way around with a cleaning cloth. I'm going to like having a servant I believe.

With the kitchen duties completed, I walked into the living room. I glance up at the TV to make sure that I wouldn't interrupt the news broadcast. It was advertising. "Would you like a blowjob Sir" I asked J. "No, not at the moment" he answers. Right now I want you to take Amanda upstairs and help her get settled in. The rest of the evening is yours. Take the time to get to know Amanda. I'll be going to bed around 10:00 tonight. You are to come to my room and offer again. I will want to hear your opinions about Amanda. Now go on and take her to her room. Amanda, you will have the rest of the evening to yourself. It will be lights out for you at 11:00 or earlier if you'd like. You are to get up in the morning at 5:00 am and begin breakfast and coffee. Be sure to get instructions from PJ on how I like it done. Good night. You're both dismissed."

I lead Amanda to her room. She enters behind me and instantly begins to shut the door. "No. Don't shut the door. We are to leave our doors opened at all times during the day. We may only close them when its lights out... but never lock the door". "Now, where would you like to begin with the unpacking. Should we start with your toiletries? I'm use you'll want a shower before you settle in tonight."

"Yes, Ma'am. My toiletries are in this box. We can start with that if you'd like. Just show me where I am to store my things if you would be so kind Ma'am". I couldn't help myself from laughing. "Alright Amanda, you can call me PJ. Please, save the Ma'am for when J is around or for direct orders for now." Amanda shyly looks towards the floor "Yes, Ma'am... I mean PJ". We both giggle and began unpacking her belonging.

With the chore at hand complete, I take a seat in her corner chair. "We will need to discuss your morning chores and routine so you know what's expected of you. It seems J has intentions of you taking over the morning meal. He's given you orders to rise at 5:00. He doesn't wake until 6:00 at which time he takes his evening shower. He's usually downstairs by 6:30. Until J gives more detailed instructions, you should take your shower upon awakening. You will be expected to shave including your legs, armpits, and pussy. He has not issued a dress code for you yet so I would suggest you wear well fitting jeans and a tight low cut blouse for now. J likes soft smooth skin so you'll want to be sure to start a skin care regimen if you haven't already started one. You should be downstairs by 6:00. That should give you plenty of time to start the coffee and breakfast. J doesn't like an elaborate breakfast and he's trying to cut calories so you will be held responsible for that. Keep that in mind when you plan your meals. Tomorrow morning I would suggest you prepare a cup of oatmeal he likes 1 sweetener and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon in it. You would also do well to prepare 3/4 cup of egg beaters with sauted onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Two slices of wheat toast with only a small amount of butter. You can set the strawberry preserves and grape jam on the table. He may or may not add them to his toast. He'll be down by 6:30 for his coffee and breakfast. Easy enough?"

"Yes, I can handle that. Will that be all?" Amanda replies. "Yes, that should cover it. I myself don't know what is expected of you. I did not even know that you were coming until this morning and didn't know what your purpose was until this evening at dinner." "One more thing though. After J has taken his breakfast, you should offer to pack him a lunch and offer a blow job. You do give blow jobs don't you?" "Oh yes Ma'am, I do." she proudly informed me.

"Now, I'll leave you to your evening shower. We can go over your daily routine tomorrow. J stated that I am to take over your meal plans and your exercise program. We will discuss any health issues tomorrow so I have a better idea of what your goals are. Tomorrow is the beginning of your new life as a servant. Have a good night."

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