Monday, February 23, 2009

Why submit?

The quick and easy answer to that question is: because I want to, I need to, and because I choose to.

Although this is an accurate and honest answer... it really doesn't answer the question... Why do I choose to submit. After serious self evaluation and alot of deep thinking and reflection on my life; I came to realize that the answer isn't as simple as it seems.

I have often described myself as a contradiction of myself. And this is true on so many levels.

Looking at my past relationships with men, I naturally go for the weaker men. I need to feel wanted. I want to feel needed. I must feel important to my men. I want to be the main focus of my men's life. I want to be their all. Quite simply, I want to possess my men. I realized long ago that I flock to the men that I can control. It has always been my way or the highway. Do things my way or be gone. I want the men to serve me. Why do things myself when I can easily get someone else to do them for me? And honestly, getting weak men to do things for me is quite simple. I either charm them into doing it, seduce them into doing it, or I intimidate them into doing it. I can easily bring out the good qualities in these men and snuff out the qualities that I don't like in them.

Even as a child, I was always the one in control. I was raised by my single mother. She had to work alot to support my brother and me. I was the oldest and naturally, I became the authority figure at home. I tended to the domestic chores. I tended to my brother. I made sure the household was running and my brother was taking care of. As a young adult, I continued to take care of my mother and my brother. During my first marriage I was the one in control. Again, I took care of everyone. I was the rock. I ran every thing from my husband's career, our house, our kids, our friends. Too an extent, I thrived at being the one in charge. The same could be said in any of my other relationships... until a few years ago.

The problem is, once I possess that man and have him doing my beck and call... I lose interest in him. They become boring. They are no longer a challenge for me. I discard them and move on to the next victim. And therefore, most of my relationships have been short termed, never lasting very long (with few exceptions). So why then am I not a dominant, since this seems to be my born instinct? Why do I not embrace this natural dominant nature and be what I am?

Although I am agnostic, I was raised with penecostal values and beliefs. I have sense come to my own conclusions and don't necassarily believe in the values that I grew up with. With that being said, I am somewhat old fashioned. I believe the man should be the one in charge of his household. Men should be strong and women should be weaker. That is to say, the natural order of things should be that way. Even in the wild, most species is provided for and protected by the male. The female generally is the one to tend to the nest. In the natural rank of things... the female comes in second. I have always felt that this is the way it should be with the human species as well.

Because of this way of thinking, this belief, I have never seen myself as "right" (for the lack of a better term). I feel I am wrong to want to control my man. It's not natural. A woman should not be the one in control. Even though I am bisexual, I chose to spend my life with a man. By making this choice, I feel the man should be the one in charge. If I had chose to spend my life with a woman, I could gladly and happily take control of her and be the one in charge of our life. However, this was not my choice.

I came to this realization several years ago about myself. I do not like being the way I am. I can (and do) walk all over my partners given the opportunity. But this is not what I want. It's not how I desire to live my life. So I have to fight the nature of myself. I have to fight the urge to find a weaker mate and control him. I had to deliberately search for a mate that is strong willed and emotionally capable of keeping my urges to control at bay. I found that strong character in J.

Although by nature I want to control... I do not feel that is what I NEED to live happily. I NEED someone that can control me, someone that can make me do things for myself, someone that can bring out my best qualities and change my bad qualities. Or rather... someone that can make me want to change those bad qualities in myself and turn them into something good. But I also need to feel loved, cherished, appreciated, and needed by my partner. Serving my Master makes me feel all these things. Serving my Master also makes me feel like I'm living the life at a natural rank. And therefore, I feel "right" in this life.

A weaker man makes me feel superior, makes me feel dominant... makes me want to break him down; and once I do... I'm bored and left feeling empty without a purpose for life.

A stronger man makes me want to kneel at his feel and serve him. He is always a challenge to me and never becomes boring. He gives me purpose for life.

So... why do I submit?
Because I have chosen to do so. It's what I want to do and need to do in order to live my life and feel fulfilled.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Part III

I awaken to a soft knocking on the bedroom door. "Ma'am, excuse me, Ma'am. PJ, I'm sorry to wake you. Sir J would like for you to get up now. He is on his way back to the house and expects you to be ready to go by the time he gets here. Ma'am".

I could hear the tension in her voice; she must be worried about failing to wake me as J instructed her to. If only I could remember her name. "I hear you. I'm up. Thank you Amanda" I finally manage as her name came to me.

I look over to the clock and see that it is only 7:15. So much for sleeping in this morning. I notice the shadow lingering under the door and toss the blankets back. "Come on in Amanda" I say as I open the door. "How was your first morning" I asked the new tenant/servant.

"Oh very well Ma'am... I mean PJ" she answered in a much too chipper voice this early in the morning. "I served the breakfast that you suggested and he seemed to enjoy it. He ate all of it, and asked for a second cup of coffee. I offered him a blow job too, just like you said, but he declined". I could see the worry on her face. "I don't know if he likes me or not" she finished.

I suspected J liked her just fine, else he wouldn't have brought her into his home. Knowing that it was not my place to speak for J, I didn't reveal my revelations. Instead I just asked "Did you have any breakfast for yourself yet"?

Amanda stepped around me and began making the bed I had just climbed out of. "No. I was waiting until you got up so we could discuss my meal plan" she stated matter-of-factly. "Here, let me run your shower for you. Do you prefer it hot or warm?"

"I like it pretty warm Amanda. Thank you. You said J wanted me ready to go when he got back. Did he happen to say where I will be going or when to expect him?"

"Yes, he got in a big work order first thing this morning that is due tomorrow. He wants you to go with him today. He said he was running to the drug store to pick up your prescription and some kind of test strips. What is wrong with you may I ask. I mean... what are you taking medications for?"

"I am diabetic Amanda which has damaged my kidneys and I have high triglyerides. So I take medication to help lower my blood sugars, one to protect my kidneys from further damage, and one to help lower my cholesterol. Now, if you would look in my closet, on the left hand side towards the back you will find a row of jeans on the lower rack and some t-shirts on the top rack. Behind the t-shirts you'll find some long sleeved sports shirts. Would you please get a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and one of the sports shirts out and lay them on the bed. On the right hand side of the closet towards the front you'll find my belts. Lay out a black belt for me as well."

"Yes, Ma'am".

I stepped into the shower dreading the work today. The thermometer shows that it is only 31 degrees this morning and the weather bug reports that it is only expected to reach 38 for a high. I hate the cold weather. I will not be looking forward to working today.

I stepped out of the shower and donned a terry cloth bathrobe. I chose not to wash my hair this morning because of the cold temperatures. With my long thick hair it would take forever to dry and I didn't have that kind of time. The drug store was only a few miles away so J would be back any moment. Amanda stepped into the shower and began cleaning it behind me. I gave a smile. It will be nice to have a servant around afterall.

I quickly washed my face, brushed my teeth, took my medication, applied the various moisturizers, and donned my work clothes. J hadn't made it back yet so I would have time to apply a little bit of make-up. Nothing too extravagant, I'll be working in inclimate weather but some foundation, base eye shadow, mascara, and a lip gloss would be okay. I watched Amanda clean the remainder of the bathroom while I finished getting ready. She was quite efficient.

"Amanda, I appreciate your assistance this morning. However, on days that I do not work with J, you will not be expected to clean his Suite. That remains part of my duties. On days that I do work with him, I'd appreciate the help. Thank you" I tell her with a heart felt smile. She simply nodded.

"Let's run down and get us some breakfast. What do you say?" Amanda has been awake for several hours now, I'm sure she's famished. I continue, "Until we get a chance to discuss your health concerns you can follow a similair diet plan as mine, only you'll need more calories than I do because of your height. Due to the lack of time, this morning we'll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with yogurt and applesauce. The applesause and the jelly are sugar free and has alot less calories in them than the usual brands and the yogurt is fat free. You'll have a full sandwich and I'll just have half a sandwich. That should fit into both of our diets".

"Yes, Ma'am. That sounds great. I love peanut butter and jelly. I'll get started on that while you get your socks and boots on" Amanda says as she leaves the room.

I hear the roar of the diseal engine pull into the drive just as I laced up my boots. Descending the staircase, I see Amanda has already gotten our simple breakfast prepared and setting at the table. I could hear her offer J a blow job again. I knew he would decline. He would spend time making sure she knew her place before he would allow her to service him in that fashion. I knew his style and his techniques. But there will come a time that he will request her services.

"Good morning Master" I say to J as I met his eyes. "I'm almost ready. I just need to eat some breakfast, but I can take it with me to save on time if you'd like. And I'll need to pack me a lunch."

"Don't bother, I brought my lunch in and had Amanda put it in the refrigerator. I've decided we will eat at Subway today. They have stuff that you can eat. Sit down for your breakfast, I need to make a phone call anyway. Amanda will clean up. If I'm not off the phone when you finish, go sit in the truck and wait for me. It shouldn't take me long. Amanda, there will be some guys coming in and out of the house throughout the day. I will leave some special instructions for you by the computer in the office. Please be sure to get them carried out as I've specified."

Amanda and I both reply "Yes, Sir" simultaneously to his back as he turned and left us sitting at the table.

J returned just as I was putting my plate and bowl into the sink. "Ready to go?" J askes. "Yes" I answered. "Good, lets be on our way".

The job took much longer than J had anticipated. We didn't get home until after 9:00pm. I was cold and very tired after a long day of work. I carried debris to the trailer and loaded it. I carried gallons upon gallons of paint and chemicals out of the house. I swept the entire 4 story house and vacuumed the two rooms that had carpeting. I was exhausted. I was looking forward to soaking in a warm bath and climbing into bed to sleep.

"Be sure to get that paperwork turned in right away" J instructed me dashing all hopes of taking a leasurely bath. "Oh and I had Amanda busy until late this evening so you'll be preparing our dinner meal too. I have a quick errand to run, but I'll be back within an hour" he added.

I hurried up and prepared a quick dinner of left-over chicken parmasean, mashed potatoes, and corn. Then I took a quick dip in the jacuzzi to wash off the filth and grime off my body and shaving properly. As soon as I was finished with that, I completed the paperwork and sent in the photos. It was now 11:30 and I knew J had made it home awhile ago.

With that completed, I went downstairs to check in on J and to see if he had anything else he needed done before I went to bed. I saw that he hadn't eaten his dinner and left his dishes on the table. He was now sitting on the sofa watching a western. I decided I probably shouldn't bother him while he's watching TV; lest he gag me and make me watch it with him in silence. Instead of offering the nightly blowjob at that moment, I began to clean the kitchen and put away any food left out. Once I finished with that, I thanked J from the kitchen for giving me the opportunity to work with him. The fresh air had done me some good, even if I was dead tired. After not receiving a response, I looked in on him and saw that he had fallen asleep on the couch.

With chores done, I touched his shoulder. He briefly looked up at me as I offered his nightly blowjob. He didn't respond. Instead he turned his head away and went back to sleep. I tried once more "J would you like to go to bed now or get a blowjob"? He still didn't answer. I wouldn't bother him anymore. It is now well past midnight and I was exhausted so I left him where he was and went to bed.

Just as I started to drift off to sleep, I smiled to myself. I truly am J's slave. If I was just a wife, he would have offered to help me clean the kitchen. If I was merely just a wife, he would have allowed me to sleep and do the paperwork first thing in the morning. No, he no longer thought of me as his wife. He thought of me as his slave.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A New Tenant - Part II

It is only 9:15 in the evening. My Master is absorbed in some television program downstairs. I have 45 minutes of free time to do with as I wish. I pick up the latest V. C. Andrews novel from the dresser and stretch out across the bed. I am a huge fan of the V. C. Andrews. For those that may not know; V. C. Andrews is the author of "Flowers in the Attic" which was made into a movie quite a few years ago. The author herself died after only a few of her books were publish. However, her family has continued to write her novels under her name. I have read and collected every book ever put out under that name. The are all very good. Although, they all have the same plot. Nonetheless, I enjoy them. J often brings me home the latest copy as a reward for good behavior. This particular book "Delia's Gift" was a reward for learning how to swallow his cum without gagging.

After reading the first three paragraph's multiple times without comprehension, I lay the book back down. My mind is on that dark haired raven down the hall. Just thinking about her makes me want to rub my slit that is still very wet. I groan in frustration and leap off the bed. I may as well start my nightly routine since I can't focus on the book.

I go into the bathroom and bring out my skin care products. I remove my make-up and apply the various moisturizers, brush my hair, brush and floss my teeth, and don a sheer black night gown. Master normally requires me naked and waiting, but he indicated that he wanted to discuss Amanda tonight before retiring. He does enjoy the sexy gowns that he buys me from time to time. I think tonight would be an appropriate night to wear one.

Just as I finished, I hear J's heavy footsteps entire the room and the door close behind him. "That's always been one of my favorite gowns. I can see I need to start buying you a few things. That one is quite large on you now. You have done very well on your diet. How much have you lost so far?"

"Fifty-three pounds now Sir" I answer sheepishly. I can't deny that I was excited about the prospect of having new clothing. J is right, most of my wardrobe is quite large and not as flattering as they used to be.

"Very good. You should be near your goal then. Dr. Price suggested 154 pounds, is that correct"?

"Yes, Sir. That's what he wanted me to start out at. Then he wants to do more blood work and re-evaluate. "

"When do you anticipate reaching your goal? I'd like to do something special for you for your hard work and dedication. Do you still have plenty of your medication?" He asks.

"Well Sir, I'm not sure when to anticipate reaching the goal. The last two weeks I've been at a plateau. I'm still exercising and maintaining my caloric range, I just don't seem to be losing any right now. I am running low on the cholesterol medication, but I have enough to last a few more days. I ran out of my test strips this morning though".

"Very well, I'll make a trip to the drug store first thing in the morning before heading out for work. The scale may not be reflecting any weight loss, but I've noticed a difference in the last couple of weeks. I believe you are replacing some of the weight with muscle now. You're clothes continue to fit a little looser." I don't think you should alter your diet or caloric intake. Maybe we should increase the amount of cardiovascular exercises. From now on, you are to do 45 minutes of cardio instead of the usual 30 minutes. That should help with getting the scale moving again. You're doing very well. I'm proud of you, I hope you know that. You're hard work and your dedication has really paid off. I've noticed an increase of energy. That added energy serves me well. I have an idea, we'll talk about that another time though. Tell me what you think of Amanda".

"Well, Sir" I begin. "She seems a bit shy, but very kind. She appears to have a genuine desire to please. She seems to know her way around a kitchen. I think she'll work out just fine Sir."

J begins to laugh. "I couldn't agree with you more. However, that's not what I wanted to know from you. I want to know if you respond to her. Does she appeal to you physically?"

I begin to blush, "yes Sir, I'm rather attracted to her. My pussy began to throb and moisten as soon as I laid eyes on her. I believe we compliment each other very well physically; She with her dark hair, dark skin, and deep brown-black eyes: me with my pale skin, hazel eyes, and blonde hair."

J throws out one of his big smiles of amusement and continues "True. I'm glad to hear that my selection of servants excites you. I have spent many of months looking for the right girl. A girl that would meet my needs and yet be of service to you as well. My intentions are for her to become our slave. You will be in charge of her. You will be responsible for her training. And you WILL be expected to discipline her when she needs it. You will not be allowed to go easy on her. If you fail to discipline her as needed, it will be you that will be disciplined. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir, I understand" I say while casting my eyes downward to look at the floor by his feet. I have never been that good at the discipline aspects of things. It was J that took on most of that responsibility with the children when they were growing up. I know that had always disappointed him. He had always wanted me to take on more of that responsibility. Many times I had taken a beaten because I wasn't strict enough on the kids. Over the years, I had gotten better, but was never quite the enforcer J had wished I'd be. Regardless, they are all grown now and have all turned out to be pretty decent adults leading their own lives responsibly.

"Amanda will be responsible for the morning meals, the laundry, and the business accounting. You will still be doing the work orders and completions. You will also be required to come to work with me more frequently when weather permits" he says to me. Reaching up with his right hand, he caresses my face "I wouldn't want to subject that beautiful soft skin to harsh temperatures". I could feel the heat build up in the center of my body. My pussy begins to throb and moisten again. It always does at his touch. "Yes, Sir" I simply respond with a weak voice.

Remembering my instructions from earlier in the night to repeat my offer of a blow job, I offer again "Would you like a blow job Sir"

Without saying a word, he unfastens his belt and loosens his jeans. My mouth begins to water. I love sucking my Masters cock. He always tastes so good. I am eager to take his full length into my mouth, craving the taste of him. Patiently, I wait for him to take his cock out for me, or to give me permission to reach into his jeans and pull it out myself.

"You want this big cock don't you slut?" He teases. "You'd like to suck it wouldn't you?"

"Mmmm Yes, Sir" I state with deep longing.

"Too bad, you'll have to wait. I want to shower first. But you can suck it after I'm finished". Now take off that gown and wait for me on the bed. Lay on your back and leave your head hanging off the side a little bit. I want to fuck that eager little mouth of yours." J walks into the bathroom and I follow his instructions. I lay on the bed patiently waiting just like he told me to.

J exited the shower and I watched him dry off with a towel. I lay back onto the bed with my head leaning off as he instructed. He came up behind me without speaking a word and grabbed my hair to pull my head further back. I opened my mouth wide to receive his cock. I began to lick his cock and rub his balls the way I knew he liked. It didn't take but a few strokes to make his cock hard. He moaned his satisfaction. He held my hair tighter, motioning for me to stop moving. I could feel his harden cock hit the back of my throat with the first thrust of his hips. J began to pump his cock deep and hard into my throat. I gagged a couple of times; he seemed to be turned on even more by that. After a few more strokes, J pulled his cock out of my mouth and teased my lips with just the head. "Would you like to cum in my mouth Sir, or would you prefer to fuck me tonight?" I asked hopefully.

"I haven't decided yet" he stated as he jammed his cock back into my throat again. J gave a little chuckle as I gagged on his thickness once again. "You like that don't you slut? You want some more of that?" He didn't give me the opportunity to answer. "That's just too fucking bad bitch. I've decided I want to fuck you. Roll over onto your knees and put your ass high in the air for me". Without giving me a chance to move, he flung me over with one arm under my thigh.

"That's a good girl. Put that ass up higher" he demanded as his palm made contact with my bare ass. For good meassure he slapped me again. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing my slit. I was wet. I had hoped he'd want to fuck me tonight. My pussy ached to be filled by him. He continued to rub my slit with his cock - teasing me. I couldn't strifle the moan that escaped from my throat. He laughed. "You are all ready for this big cock aren't ya slut? Maybe I won't give it to you. Maybe I'll just jack off and spray my cum onto your back. Would you like that filthy slut?"

Before I could answer I could feel him move back away from me. I filled with emptiness at no longer feeling his touch. "If that's what you'd like to do Sir, I'm here to please you anyway you'd like" I finally answered.

"That's what I like to hear. You're a good little slut. What are you slut? I want to hear you say it" I hear him say. "I'm a filthy slut Sir" I respond. He slapped me on the ass again. "I am your filthy slut Sir" I corrected. "That's right you're my slut" I heard him moan as he jammed his cock into my wet slit buring it to the hilt. He just stood there for a moment enjoying the heat from my pussy wrapped around his cock. "And this is my filthy pussy too. I can fuck this pussy anytime I want. I own this pussy. Who's pussy is this slut?" He askes as he begins to fuck my pussy deep and hard. "It's your pussy Sir" I answer.

"That's right. And who's ass is this" he askes as he takes his cock out of my pussy and begins to rub the head over my asshole. "It's your ass Sir, to use anyway you'd like" I moaned. He begin to penetrate my asshole with just the head of his cock. He slides it in until my assholes surrounds the ridge of his head then pulled it out again. He repeats this motion for several minutes, teasing my asshole. I groan with anticipation. I feel an orgasm build, but I knew I couldn't release it until he gave me permission to.

"You like that don't you slut? You want to cum on my cock don't you?" he asks. "Yes, Sir I want to cum on your cock while you're fucking my asshole Sir." I spoke honestly. "Too bad. You have to ask for it first" and he continues to tease my asshole. "Sir, please, May I cum"

"No, you hold it slut. You hold it, don't you dare cum until I tell you to" he grunted at me. He must have grown tired of torturing me, because he began to fuck my asshole deep and hard. He buried his cock into my ass until I could feel his balls against my slit. "Hold it" he warns once again.

I knew he was about to reach his own orgasm. I could hear it in his breathing. I could feel his thigh musles tighten up, and he began to grunt. "Hold it" he reminds me. I could feel his cock throb inside of me. I knew he would cum soon. "Now bitch, cum on me now!" My body trembled as I was finally allowed to release my orgasm. I could feel him reach his at the same time.

After a few more thrusts, his movements began to slow until finally he slipped his cock out of my asshole gently. I lay there exhausted but very content. I could feel J leave my side and heard the bathroom closet door open and close, water running, and then I felt him return to my side. The warm cloth felt good again my wet sticky asshole and pussy as he wiped me clean of our sweet fuck juices. "You done a great job on the guest room today. I wanted to show my appreciation for being such a devoted slut."

"Thank you Sir. I'm glad it meets your approval" I say with a yawn. I could hear J chuckle about that.

"I suppose I did wake you up earlier than normal this morning didn't I? You'll get to sleep in tomorrow morning. Amanda will be expected to tend to my morning needs. Unless I decide I want another peace of my pussy before I go" he stated as he tossed the wet cloth on the floor. "Come here my pet, curl up next to me and go to sleep. I love you".

"I love you too Master. Good night" I whisper as I gently fall asleep curled up next to the man I love and worship.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Am His Slave

What do I think?
I am his slave.

How do I feel?
I am his slave.

What do I like?
I am his slave.

What do I hate?
I am his slave.

I am his slave.
A slave has no right to think.
A slave has no right to feel.
A slave has no right to like.
A slave has no right to hate.
I am his slave.

He is all that matters.
I am nothing.
I think nothing.
I feel nothing.
I like nothing.
I hate nothing.

I am his slave.

Monday, February 9, 2009

A New Tenant

"Get up" a familiar voice says. "You have things to do today". I groggily wipe the sleep from my eyes and begin to rise. "Move it" my Master demanded with a quick slap to my bare ass. "Yes Sir" I managed to mutter. Pulling a terry cloth robe from the hook, I began to follow J into the hallway and down the stairs. My training has taught me to automatically load the coffee pot and let it begin perking. Master always wants his coffee first thing in the morning.

I look over at the microwave and notice it's only 5:30 in the morning. This is most definitely unusual. I begin to hope this isn't one of those days where J demands I dress for work and go to work with him. I look out the window and see the ground covered with snow and the tree branches curve from the wind. This is too cold of a day for me to be working outside.

"Would you like me to make you some breakfast this morning?" I ask my Master. "No, don't bother. I've already had my breakfast. I have a long day at work today and will be home late. I will not be coming home alone this evening. I want you to strip the guest room and get it prepared for our new tenant. I want the room completely cleaned from top to bottom. This will be your last time you will be expected to clean that room. Are my instructions clear?"

"Yes Master" I quickly respond. J didn't tell me about any new tenant. Who is going to be living here with us? Why did he not tell me about this? "Sir, may I ask who our new tenant might be?" I nervously question. "Noone you know. No more questions. I will tell you what you need to know when I make the introductions this evening. Remember that you'll be serving dinner for three tonight." I nod my head and respectfully reply "Yes, Sir".

J leaned down and kissed me on top of the head and then walked out the door with no further instructions, and no further explanation of who our new tenant would be. I didn't even know he was considering a new tenant. What could all of this mean?

Trying not to think about it anymore, I get busy with making my breakfast and going through my morning routine. Once my routine was over I ate some lunch and made my way to the guest room. I stripped the sheets and blankets from the bed, took the mattress outside to air out. I dusted and polished furniture, washed walls, vacuumed and shampooed the carpet. I even vacuumed out the dresser drawers to make sure there wasn't any dust in them. When finished, I light a candle and set out clean linens for the bed and clean linens for the adjacent bathroom.

I had just finished with the work when I received a text from J stating that he was on his way home from the airport. This meant it was time to start dinner and make a fresh pitcher of tea.
Seeing as we would have a guest tonight, I should make something special. I'll make my homemade lasagna, tossed salad, corn and zucchini fry, and home made yeast rolls with butter and garlic. Master will be pleased with that and the guest will be quite impressed I'm sure.

I had just brought the bread out of the oven when I heard the pick-up pull into the drive. I grabbed the glass of ice out of the freezer and poured J's tea and added two sweeteners. I then ran to the door to look out the window to see if I could get a glance at our new tenant. Climbing out of the truck was a beautiful dark haired lady. She was taller than I am by 3 inches or so... probably 5' 9" and a little overweight. Her hair was shoulder length and curly. Her skin was deeply tanned from too much sun exposure. Her complexion was dry and patchy from the lack of water and too much caffeine. But she was still quite striking to look at. I could feel my pussy throb. I was physically attracted to her.

I've been attracted to other women before but there had only been a few that could make me wet upon sight like this woman did. I watched her carefully as she reached behind the seat and pulled out 2 luggage bags and a couple of boxes. This was unusual. J was always a perfect gentleman towards our other female guests. Why was he letting her carry her own bags.

J came into the house ahead of the dark haired beauty. "Go help the girl with her bags. Take her personal belonging to her room and show her where to wash up. Do it quickly, I assume dinner is done. I'm hungry. Get moving and don't make me wait too long".

"Yes Sir" I state and quickly go out to help the lady.

"Hi. I'm PJ. I was sent out to help you with your belongings. I'll be showing you to your room. You're too leave the bags by your door and clean up for dinner. J will make the introductions at that time. Lets get moving before dinner gets cold."

The girl smiled sweetly and simply said "Thank you". She had a soft voice. I could tell she was a bit shy. I couldn't help but laugh inside... there was no room to be shy around this house. But she would learn that herself rather quickly I was sure.

We both entered the house and went up the stairway that led to her room in silence. "This will be your room. There is a closet behind the door to the right and a bathroom to the left. Why don't you wash up and I'll see you in the dining room in 5 minutes." I instruct her. "Yes, Ma'am. Thank you" she answered and bowed her head.

Ha! Ma'am? I haven't been called Ma'am since the kids graduated high school and left home. The sound of her voice was so sweet, so sexy - I could feel juices from my pussy start to drip to my thighs. I had better go wash up for dinner myself, I thought.

Five minutes later, our new tenant and I met in the hallway that seperated our rooms. She quickly looked down towards the floor and motioned for me to go first. "Excuse me Ma'am. Please lead the way".

J was sitting at the table watching us move together as we descended the stairs. "Awww there you two are. You two make a beautiful sight. Before I make the introductions, why don't you serve us dinner sweetheart". I nod my head and moved towards the kitchen. I served good portions of food on two plates and small portions on my own plate. I put the plates on a tray and begin to serve them.

"No no... make her plate like yours. She has brought it to my attention that she wants to lose weight. We will help her with that. YOU will help her with that since you've done so well with your own diet. From this moment on, you are in charge of her meals and her exercise program. She will be sitting next to you, across from me."

I move back into the kitchen and adjust her food portions. Then I set her plate in front of the chair next to where I usually sit. "Good, now lets eat" J says. J takes a bite into the lasgna and moans his approval. After he finishes with his dinner he sets his fork down, and begins " PJ this is Amanda. She has come to live with us as a hired servant. She expresses her desire to become our slave but for now, I will only grant her the opportunity to be a servant. After 6 months, if she's deserving, I may bring her on as a slave. Until then, you are in charge of her and her training." "Yes, Sir" I hod my understanding. "Amanda, this is PJ. She is my slave and my wife" he continues. "You will at all times respect her and follow her instruction to the T. After tonight, your instructions will come directly from her for the time being. Do you understand?"

Amanda nods her head answers with a simple "Yes". "Excuse me, what was that?" J asked. Amanda hung her head and spoke "Yes, Sir". "Good, from this moment on you will address me as Sir. When in my presense you will address PJ as Ma'am. When I am not at home, you may address her any way she would like for you to. You will answer with a clear and audible voice. I do not want to have to ask you to repeat yourself. Is this understood?" Amanda looks over at me and then back to J "Yes Sir, I understand".

With dinner done and introductions made, J retires to the living room to watch the news. I stood up to clear the table. Amanda quickly joins to help me. Together we put away the leftovers, clear the table, wash the dishes, wash the counters and left the kitchen as spotless as it was before dinner was started. You couldn't even tell that we had eaten there just a few minutes ago. I was impressed. Amanda may be shy, but she knew her way around with a cleaning cloth. I'm going to like having a servant I believe.

With the kitchen duties completed, I walked into the living room. I glance up at the TV to make sure that I wouldn't interrupt the news broadcast. It was advertising. "Would you like a blowjob Sir" I asked J. "No, not at the moment" he answers. Right now I want you to take Amanda upstairs and help her get settled in. The rest of the evening is yours. Take the time to get to know Amanda. I'll be going to bed around 10:00 tonight. You are to come to my room and offer again. I will want to hear your opinions about Amanda. Now go on and take her to her room. Amanda, you will have the rest of the evening to yourself. It will be lights out for you at 11:00 or earlier if you'd like. You are to get up in the morning at 5:00 am and begin breakfast and coffee. Be sure to get instructions from PJ on how I like it done. Good night. You're both dismissed."

I lead Amanda to her room. She enters behind me and instantly begins to shut the door. "No. Don't shut the door. We are to leave our doors opened at all times during the day. We may only close them when its lights out... but never lock the door". "Now, where would you like to begin with the unpacking. Should we start with your toiletries? I'm use you'll want a shower before you settle in tonight."

"Yes, Ma'am. My toiletries are in this box. We can start with that if you'd like. Just show me where I am to store my things if you would be so kind Ma'am". I couldn't help myself from laughing. "Alright Amanda, you can call me PJ. Please, save the Ma'am for when J is around or for direct orders for now." Amanda shyly looks towards the floor "Yes, Ma'am... I mean PJ". We both giggle and began unpacking her belonging.

With the chore at hand complete, I take a seat in her corner chair. "We will need to discuss your morning chores and routine so you know what's expected of you. It seems J has intentions of you taking over the morning meal. He's given you orders to rise at 5:00. He doesn't wake until 6:00 at which time he takes his evening shower. He's usually downstairs by 6:30. Until J gives more detailed instructions, you should take your shower upon awakening. You will be expected to shave including your legs, armpits, and pussy. He has not issued a dress code for you yet so I would suggest you wear well fitting jeans and a tight low cut blouse for now. J likes soft smooth skin so you'll want to be sure to start a skin care regimen if you haven't already started one. You should be downstairs by 6:00. That should give you plenty of time to start the coffee and breakfast. J doesn't like an elaborate breakfast and he's trying to cut calories so you will be held responsible for that. Keep that in mind when you plan your meals. Tomorrow morning I would suggest you prepare a cup of oatmeal he likes 1 sweetener and 1/2 tsp of cinnamon in it. You would also do well to prepare 3/4 cup of egg beaters with sauted onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms. Two slices of wheat toast with only a small amount of butter. You can set the strawberry preserves and grape jam on the table. He may or may not add them to his toast. He'll be down by 6:30 for his coffee and breakfast. Easy enough?"

"Yes, I can handle that. Will that be all?" Amanda replies. "Yes, that should cover it. I myself don't know what is expected of you. I did not even know that you were coming until this morning and didn't know what your purpose was until this evening at dinner." "One more thing though. After J has taken his breakfast, you should offer to pack him a lunch and offer a blow job. You do give blow jobs don't you?" "Oh yes Ma'am, I do." she proudly informed me.

"Now, I'll leave you to your evening shower. We can go over your daily routine tomorrow. J stated that I am to take over your meal plans and your exercise program. We will discuss any health issues tomorrow so I have a better idea of what your goals are. Tomorrow is the beginning of your new life as a servant. Have a good night."

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us!

J and I have been married 2 years today. Of course, its been 5 years together. Let me give you guys a little bit of history on us.

J and I met online through yahoo personals. It started out as a dare. A friend of mine and me were sitting in a chat room late at night shooting the bull with one another. I was complaining about how hard it was for a single mother with four children to find "quality" men in a small town. Especially hard for me because I worked 58 hours a week at my job and after work I spent another 20 to 24 hours a week in a class room. Here I was in my early 30s and attending college with a bunch of 18 year olds. So finding a good man at school wasn't much of an option either. Through into this mixture the fact that I'm a bit inverted and alot shy... well my man search wasn't all that great. It wasn't a big deal for me though. I had been married previously for 10 years. He was a good man, but we were just too different. Got married too young. I was niave and just wasn't getting what I wanted from the marriage. Maybe that was selfish of me... but it was what it was. I had been divorced for 4 years by the time J and I met.

Back to the bet... I was translating all of this to my friend that night in yahoo chat. My friend dared me to run a yahoo personal ad. I laughed and told him my belief in that kind of system... which was no belief at all. Those things didn't work. They seem to bring out every horny jackass that lived. I was suffering the effects of half a bottle of vodka however... so I rose to the challenge. The dare included contacting 10 men that lived within half an hour of me.

I followed through with the dare. I chose 10 men that had profiles that striked me as sincere and interesting. Within the first week 8 of the 10 men responded. All 8 horny jackasses. Nearly a month had gone by and yet again... a late night in the chat room with my friend. When a couple of new ID's joined us in the room. The first immediately IM'ed me... another jerk. Turns out he was the 9th man I had contacted through the personals. The second ID just sat around there... watching but not joining in. After quite some time... he asked if he could IM me. Polite individual... so I chose to IM with him. Turns out, he was the 10th and final man that I had contacted through the personals.... J.

We instantly found things in common to chat about. I loved his sense of humor and his ability to make me laugh. He seemed to be quite sincere. And he really impressed me with his eagerness and determination to find me. As it turned out, he didn't have a paid membership to the personals and therefore was unable to respond to me through there so he done search after search on yahoo chat members until he found me. On my yahoo chat webpage I wrote about the chat room that I frequented so he located that chat room to "hunt me down".

We began to chat every night hours at a time. Sharing ideas, throughts, opinions, life stories, etc. We quickly turned our chats into phone conversations and soon after.... met in RL. The day we decided to meet in RL was an odd day. I was supposed to have a date with a guy from out of state. J had asked me out for that evening and I had to turn him down. As it turned out... the guy from out of state didn't show up. I had canceled my babysitter already and had my oldest daughter at home with me. She and I decided we wanted to see a movie: Scooby Doo II. I decided to take the movie in the theatre in J's hometown. I called him up at the last minute and informed him that my daughter and I would be there and invited him to joins us. As it turned out, he had his two children with him that night as well. He wasn't sure he could make it.

He did make it though. My daughter and I were already at the theatre. J ran a few minutes late but he showed up with kids in tow. We quietly talked a little bit before, during, and after the movie. Neither of us were willing to part ways however. And the kids were all hungry so we decided to continue the night over dinner at a local restraunt. We talked and talked and talked. My daughter was showing her ass and I was quite embarrassed at her behavior. His two children were well behaved... although very chatty. We must have occupied the restaurant's table for several hours. It was a slow night however so it didn't seem to be a problem. Eventually, J's soon fell asleep over his dinner plate... and we had to split company to get the kids off to bed. We'd agreed to meet for coffee the next day.

The following day, we were sitting across a table from one another at IHOP... drinking our coffee. I was rambling on and on and on in my nervous ways. This man unsettled me with the way he looked at him. His eyes maintaining constant eye contact. Most people don't make eye contact for more than a few seconds... his was constant. It was unnerving. But very exciting too. Finally, I took a breath and quit talking for a moment... long enough for him to get a word in. And he say's to me "You've got beautiful hazel eyes... angeleyes". Never in my life has anyone... let alone a man noticed that my eyes were hazel and not blue or green as most people think. He had me from that moment on. I knew at that very moment that I was falling in love with him. Love at first sight! (OK so it was second sight... but you get the idea). Three years later we got married and he adopted my 4 children.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morning Routine

I woke up alert and eager to see *J* off for the day. I roll over and look at the clock; 9:12 it read. Disappointment washed over me; my Master has surely left for work already. I stand and stretch as I reach for my terry cloth bathrobe. Descending the staircase, I hear nothing but silence. Looking through the glass at the bottom, my suspicions were confirmed. The silver pickup was not parked in the driveway.

Taking in a deep breath, I continue towards the kitchen to make my morning glass of Diet Dr. Pepper. I gave up my morning coffee long ago due to my diabetes. I take my coffee with sugar and cream. Although I can use sweetener, the cream I prefer still has too many carbohydrates. After my morning beverage is made, I take out the low carb bread, peanut butter, strawberry perserves (no sugar added), and applesauce (also no added sugar) to make my breakfast. With my breakfast made I sit at the table to eat.

When finished, I put my empty dishes in the dishwasher and light a marlboro. I take a look around, making mental notes of what chores need to be done today. Realizing that my duties would be light today, I smile. "I can spend extra time in the jacuzzi today" I tell myself. I crush out my cigarette, grab my drink and head for the stairs.

Before I start my day, I call *J* to see if he has any special instructions for me. "Not today slut" he answers in that sexy deep voice. A voice that makes my pussy wet and throb just by hearing it. A voice that can make me cum on demand. "You sound refreshed and well rested today". "Yes." I answer simply. "You are a good and kind Master to observe and know when I need the extra sleep. Thank you Sir". "If that's all, have a good day. Think about how to thank me properly tonight after dinner". I could hear him chuckle as he hung up the phone.

I begin my morning routine. I start out each morning with my work out videos. *J* set a rule after I was diagnosed with diabetes to work out 30 minutes a day (more if I choose) 5 days a week. Thursdays and Sunday's are my off days. The exercise helps control my blood sugar levels and helps burn calories so I can lose the weight that the doctor suggested.

Once my work out is finished, I fill the jacuzzi full of water adding the sea salt and the bubble bath. Laying out the towels, shampoo, conditioners, lotions, razor and all the other things I would need to be properly groomed, I begin to savor the familiarity of the routine. If nothing else, my Master knows what he likes and what is best for me. My routine is based on those things. Including what he thinks is a proper grooming routine. With the tub now full, I shut off the water and grab a book.

I first start my bath with shaving my legs, my pussy, and my arm pits. With that chore done I turn on the jets and lean back for some reading. I am to soak for 1 hour. After my hour is up, I'll drain the tub and run the shower so I can shampoo and condtition my hair and wash my body. After my shower, I go through my skin care routine, dry and straighten my hair. *J* likes my long natural curls, but likes it straightened best. With all that done, I sit down at my dressing table to apply my make-up. After that, I put on some clothes.

Usually *J* isn't too picky about what I wear around the house as long as I don't wear panties and bra. However, there are times he has something particular picked out for me to wear. There were no such orders for today. I choose a pair of jeans that are now slightly too big for me, a t-shirt, and a black belt. I'm still under orders to leave my feet bare.

The final step in my morning routine is to clean up after myself: rinse out the jacuzzi, wipe down the shower, mop up any drops of water that may have hit the floor, put away all the bottles, tubes, and jars of my beauty aids and the razor. The entire process takes about two and a half hours. Now I am ready for lunch and household chores. Today I will be cleaning fish tanks and thinking about how I might properly thank my Master for allowing me to sleep in this morning.