Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to us!

J and I have been married 2 years today. Of course, its been 5 years together. Let me give you guys a little bit of history on us.

J and I met online through yahoo personals. It started out as a dare. A friend of mine and me were sitting in a chat room late at night shooting the bull with one another. I was complaining about how hard it was for a single mother with four children to find "quality" men in a small town. Especially hard for me because I worked 58 hours a week at my job and after work I spent another 20 to 24 hours a week in a class room. Here I was in my early 30s and attending college with a bunch of 18 year olds. So finding a good man at school wasn't much of an option either. Through into this mixture the fact that I'm a bit inverted and alot shy... well my man search wasn't all that great. It wasn't a big deal for me though. I had been married previously for 10 years. He was a good man, but we were just too different. Got married too young. I was niave and just wasn't getting what I wanted from the marriage. Maybe that was selfish of me... but it was what it was. I had been divorced for 4 years by the time J and I met.

Back to the bet... I was translating all of this to my friend that night in yahoo chat. My friend dared me to run a yahoo personal ad. I laughed and told him my belief in that kind of system... which was no belief at all. Those things didn't work. They seem to bring out every horny jackass that lived. I was suffering the effects of half a bottle of vodka however... so I rose to the challenge. The dare included contacting 10 men that lived within half an hour of me.

I followed through with the dare. I chose 10 men that had profiles that striked me as sincere and interesting. Within the first week 8 of the 10 men responded. All 8 horny jackasses. Nearly a month had gone by and yet again... a late night in the chat room with my friend. When a couple of new ID's joined us in the room. The first immediately IM'ed me... another jerk. Turns out he was the 9th man I had contacted through the personals. The second ID just sat around there... watching but not joining in. After quite some time... he asked if he could IM me. Polite individual... so I chose to IM with him. Turns out, he was the 10th and final man that I had contacted through the personals.... J.

We instantly found things in common to chat about. I loved his sense of humor and his ability to make me laugh. He seemed to be quite sincere. And he really impressed me with his eagerness and determination to find me. As it turned out, he didn't have a paid membership to the personals and therefore was unable to respond to me through there so he done search after search on yahoo chat members until he found me. On my yahoo chat webpage I wrote about the chat room that I frequented so he located that chat room to "hunt me down".

We began to chat every night hours at a time. Sharing ideas, throughts, opinions, life stories, etc. We quickly turned our chats into phone conversations and soon after.... met in RL. The day we decided to meet in RL was an odd day. I was supposed to have a date with a guy from out of state. J had asked me out for that evening and I had to turn him down. As it turned out... the guy from out of state didn't show up. I had canceled my babysitter already and had my oldest daughter at home with me. She and I decided we wanted to see a movie: Scooby Doo II. I decided to take the movie in the theatre in J's hometown. I called him up at the last minute and informed him that my daughter and I would be there and invited him to joins us. As it turned out, he had his two children with him that night as well. He wasn't sure he could make it.

He did make it though. My daughter and I were already at the theatre. J ran a few minutes late but he showed up with kids in tow. We quietly talked a little bit before, during, and after the movie. Neither of us were willing to part ways however. And the kids were all hungry so we decided to continue the night over dinner at a local restraunt. We talked and talked and talked. My daughter was showing her ass and I was quite embarrassed at her behavior. His two children were well behaved... although very chatty. We must have occupied the restaurant's table for several hours. It was a slow night however so it didn't seem to be a problem. Eventually, J's soon fell asleep over his dinner plate... and we had to split company to get the kids off to bed. We'd agreed to meet for coffee the next day.

The following day, we were sitting across a table from one another at IHOP... drinking our coffee. I was rambling on and on and on in my nervous ways. This man unsettled me with the way he looked at him. His eyes maintaining constant eye contact. Most people don't make eye contact for more than a few seconds... his was constant. It was unnerving. But very exciting too. Finally, I took a breath and quit talking for a moment... long enough for him to get a word in. And he say's to me "You've got beautiful hazel eyes... angeleyes". Never in my life has anyone... let alone a man noticed that my eyes were hazel and not blue or green as most people think. He had me from that moment on. I knew at that very moment that I was falling in love with him. Love at first sight! (OK so it was second sight... but you get the idea). Three years later we got married and he adopted my 4 children.

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  1. Happy Anniversary!! Albeit that I'm late. Kisses to you both.