Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Morning Routine

I woke up alert and eager to see *J* off for the day. I roll over and look at the clock; 9:12 it read. Disappointment washed over me; my Master has surely left for work already. I stand and stretch as I reach for my terry cloth bathrobe. Descending the staircase, I hear nothing but silence. Looking through the glass at the bottom, my suspicions were confirmed. The silver pickup was not parked in the driveway.

Taking in a deep breath, I continue towards the kitchen to make my morning glass of Diet Dr. Pepper. I gave up my morning coffee long ago due to my diabetes. I take my coffee with sugar and cream. Although I can use sweetener, the cream I prefer still has too many carbohydrates. After my morning beverage is made, I take out the low carb bread, peanut butter, strawberry perserves (no sugar added), and applesauce (also no added sugar) to make my breakfast. With my breakfast made I sit at the table to eat.

When finished, I put my empty dishes in the dishwasher and light a marlboro. I take a look around, making mental notes of what chores need to be done today. Realizing that my duties would be light today, I smile. "I can spend extra time in the jacuzzi today" I tell myself. I crush out my cigarette, grab my drink and head for the stairs.

Before I start my day, I call *J* to see if he has any special instructions for me. "Not today slut" he answers in that sexy deep voice. A voice that makes my pussy wet and throb just by hearing it. A voice that can make me cum on demand. "You sound refreshed and well rested today". "Yes." I answer simply. "You are a good and kind Master to observe and know when I need the extra sleep. Thank you Sir". "If that's all, have a good day. Think about how to thank me properly tonight after dinner". I could hear him chuckle as he hung up the phone.

I begin my morning routine. I start out each morning with my work out videos. *J* set a rule after I was diagnosed with diabetes to work out 30 minutes a day (more if I choose) 5 days a week. Thursdays and Sunday's are my off days. The exercise helps control my blood sugar levels and helps burn calories so I can lose the weight that the doctor suggested.

Once my work out is finished, I fill the jacuzzi full of water adding the sea salt and the bubble bath. Laying out the towels, shampoo, conditioners, lotions, razor and all the other things I would need to be properly groomed, I begin to savor the familiarity of the routine. If nothing else, my Master knows what he likes and what is best for me. My routine is based on those things. Including what he thinks is a proper grooming routine. With the tub now full, I shut off the water and grab a book.

I first start my bath with shaving my legs, my pussy, and my arm pits. With that chore done I turn on the jets and lean back for some reading. I am to soak for 1 hour. After my hour is up, I'll drain the tub and run the shower so I can shampoo and condtition my hair and wash my body. After my shower, I go through my skin care routine, dry and straighten my hair. *J* likes my long natural curls, but likes it straightened best. With all that done, I sit down at my dressing table to apply my make-up. After that, I put on some clothes.

Usually *J* isn't too picky about what I wear around the house as long as I don't wear panties and bra. However, there are times he has something particular picked out for me to wear. There were no such orders for today. I choose a pair of jeans that are now slightly too big for me, a t-shirt, and a black belt. I'm still under orders to leave my feet bare.

The final step in my morning routine is to clean up after myself: rinse out the jacuzzi, wipe down the shower, mop up any drops of water that may have hit the floor, put away all the bottles, tubes, and jars of my beauty aids and the razor. The entire process takes about two and a half hours. Now I am ready for lunch and household chores. Today I will be cleaning fish tanks and thinking about how I might properly thank my Master for allowing me to sleep in this morning.

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