Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bared Feet Until Further Notice

Fresh out of the shower, I walk into the kitchen in nothing but my bathrobe, still wearing the towel wrapped around my head to soak up the excess water from my hair. *J* looks up from his morning cup of coffee and notices my bare feet. He reached into his wallet and tossed a $50 bill on the table. "You should see the nail technician today. Your feet are too beautiful to be without polish. I really like the french manicure look."

I immediately understood that this was a command and not a request. Right after I finished the chores for the day, I'd be running into town to get a french pedicure.

"Oh and by the way, until further notice you will not be wearing socks or shoes around the house" he states matter-of-factually as he leaned down to kiss the tip of my nose. "I'll be home late tonight, but I expect you to be to waiting up for me".

*J* took a fist full of my hair and pulled my head back so I was looking directly into his face, "Understand?". "Yes Sir" I quickly answered. "Good, I'll see you tonight" he stated he walked out the door leaving me there reeling with the ache at the back of my head.

I knew exactly what he expected. He expected me to be properly groomed when he got home. *J* is adamant when it comes to his expectations. I would be expected to be properly groomed. Which is to say, he expected me to soak in the tub in order to make sure my skin was soft, moist, and pleasant to his touch. He expected me to be shaved smooth so that he would not be pricked by stubble. He expected me to have my hair clean, styled, and smelling nice. I knew he expected me to be bra-less and panty-less as always. Wearing a bra or panties was not allowed around the house. I also knew that he expected me to have my hair down because pulling my hair back around the house wasn't allowed either. He wants my long blonde hair loose and flowing around my shoulders. Easy for him to grab ahold of I suspect is he reasoning. And now, having bared feet will also be expected.

This was going to be difficult to follow. I get cold easily, especially when my feet are bare. It will be uncomfortably cold without socks. *J* doesn't care about my comfort though. Neither do I... just so long as he is happy; I am happy. This is just another item on the list that'll make him happy. Besides, If I know my master, he'll have fun warming them up for me later. He loves to pamper me. That is, as long as I show that I am completely willing to comply with his demands.

I had gone to the salon as told. After I got back I went through my chores as I normally do. *J* doesn't have any expectations in regards to chores or household stuff. But its something I like to do. It has always been my firm belief that a clean home is a happy home and a happy home means a happy master. So I do these things because I love my master and because I feel like I'm doing more to serve him. I feel it is my place as a slave to do these things for him, even if they are not requested.

I had just finished getting the kids off to bed when I heard the diseal engine to *J's* pick up pull into the drive. It had been especially cold today. I had made him a pot of coffee because I knew he would appreciate it when he got in. But I had misguaged his arrival time. I quickly ran over to turn the pot back on, hoping the coffee hadn't cooled off too much. *J* isn't petty about this sort of thing. He doesn't mind warming up a cup of coffee in the microwave. But he has been known to use such petty things as a mind fuck. I just never know when he may be in the mood for a good mind fuck.

Apparently, today he is in one of those moods.

I watch patiently as *J* comes through the door, pulling his coat off and hanging it in the closet. I immediately get up to pour him a cup of coffee. I see the steam and was thankful that the coffee hadn't gotten cold yet. *J* takes a seat at the table and pulls out the chess game. This is a nightly ritual we go through. We both enjoy the game and *J* prefers to play over his coffee while he unwinds for the day. Although, now I am afraid of losing a game to him. I am the better chess player but one day I threw a game and let him beat me. I wasn't discrete enough about it. *J* knew I had thrown the game and he made me pay for it. *J* has gotten good at chess and can win about as often as I can. However, I can never play without the fear of losing and him think I gave it to him. For I know that price would be steep. This fear makes me a better chess player, and I really enjoy living in that fear. The fear of the unknown... what will he do next? It's a beautiful feeling.

"Are the kids asleep" *J* asks. I informed him that they were. They had done their homework, their chores, took their showers, and were all in bed asleep on time tonight. "Good" he says "take off your jeans and t-shirt". As I'm stripping down for him, he continues to talk. "I see you got the pedicure done today. Your feet look nice. And thank you for leaving your socks and shoes off as I requested. "You're a good little slut aren't you?" "Yes" I answered. "And I treat you good don't I?" Leery now at the direction of his questions, I answer with a shaken "Yes, Sir". "Then why did you serve me half warm coffee?" I began to stammer out an explaination and offer to warm it up for him. "No, I have a better Idea." *J* grabs the back of my hair and forced me to look him in the face. "Get on the floor on your hands and knees". I quickly surrender and do as he said.

*J* leaned over me and began to drip his coffee onto my naked back and hips. True to his word, the coffee was not hot, but it was still hot enough to sting my bare skin. I cringed with the sting each time the dark droplets fell onto me. *J* begins laughing at me. I dared not move away from the hot liquid, fearful that if I did, another kind of pain may come next. Instead I kneel at his feet and continue to take his abuse until he bore with it. "What a good little dumpster you are" he says to me. Then he began to pour the hot liquid onto my cold bare feet. As cold as my feet were, the liquid seemed hotter than what it really was. My feet ached from the sharp stinging sensation. My master didn't relent until all the coffee had been emptied from his cup.

*J* stood over me unfastening his breeches. I could see that the humiliation was having an effect on him. Humiliating me always seemed to turn him on and get his blood boiling. This time was no different. *J* yanked my head by the hair into his croch "Suck this you dirty little whore. You are a whore aren't you?" He yanked my head away from him and demanded "Who's whore are you?" "I'm you're whore Sir" I replied. "Damn straight you are" he grunted as he shoved my mouth back onto his hardened cock. He continued to shove his cock into my mouth over and over again splitting my lip with the force. The length of him choking me with each stroke, making me cough and gag. It seemed like my master would never stop. He must have visited one of his girlfriends before coming home. Otherwise, he would have been quicker to orgasm. Finally, *J* reached the point of orgasm and pulled his cock out of my mouth, spilling his sticky wet cum all over my breasts.

"Now throw on a robe and come play chess with me. Leave my cum on your breasts. And don't forget... those feet are to remain bare until further notice" he demanded as he refastened his jeans.

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