Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Desires of Servitude

I desire to be totally possessed... or owned by my master. I am a slave to his desires and whims. However, not to the extent that I could. However, this is not about what I want or desire; This is about what he wants and needs from me. I only wish to be a whore of servitude to him: His possession to do with as he pleases, when and where he pleases.

My master loves, admires, and respects me. Maybe this is what keeps him from dehumanizing me and making me his property in every sense of the word. I do know that if he did not love, admire, or respect me - he would not want me or need my servitude. Maybe this is all he wants and expects from me. Who am I to question his motives? I am here to serve him and totally comply with his wishes and commands without question.

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