Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taken off the Shelf

Last night was a very long night. *J* was in one of his moods. I woke up this morning aching and sore. I, of course, was very thankful to be of service to him. I had been set upon a shelf for so long, I no longer felt as if I was deserving of my place as his slave. After last night, I now feel as if I've been put into the place where I belong: a place I have waited for my Master to put me in for a very long time. A place beneath him... under his total control.

I knew I was in for a long night when my Master beckoned me into the bedroom and instructed me to get the paperwork done while he was in the shower. Normally, he allows me to complete paperwork at my leisure. I hurriedly got the job done and began my nightly ritual of washing my face and applying my skin care treatments. I heard him call from the bedroom "You're taking too long, hurry your slow ass up bitch".

I finished and entered the bedroom. He had some lengths of cotton rope and various floggers laying on the bed. I nervously continued into the room and asked if I could smoke a cigarette. *J* had not given me any instructions yet and I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't dare be presumptuous and try to guess what he had planned. I nervously lit my marlboro and waited for his instruction; trembling while I waited.

Finally, after I crushed out my smoke he spoke. "Get those clothes off, you filthy slut, and do it quickly". The sound of authority in his voice instantly evoked a sense of fear, and yet... a strong desire to be his play toy for the night. My pussy instantly throbbed with the want of him and the desire to serve him. "Now lay on the bed face down bitch". I did as he commanded. I began shaking a little when he started wrapping the ropes around my wrists. He tied them so tight, the rope began to pinch my tender flesh. He fastened my bound wrists to the bed making them immobile. He then moved to my ankles and bound them with rope to the bed as well. Anxious and excited, I waited to see what would be next for me.

"What happened during the chess games? You lost twice to me too easily. I don't want some mindless fucking bitch. I want something that can offer up a challenge. You can play better than that. I will teach you a lesson. I bet next time you'll play to your ability. If not you'll remember this night" I hear as the first blow of the flogger strikes my bare ass. I cringe under the sting as yet another blow strikes, and another. He had a point to make, and I was getting it real quick. The strikes became harder and harder. They were no longer stinging, they were nearly pain blinding. I couldn't hold back my tears. It was getting increasingly harder to muffle my cries. I did not want to prove to be weak in my Masters eyes... weakness is not tolerated. *J* continued to deliver blow after blow. A couple of them coming down upon my tailbone. I nearly cried out.

Finally, *J* lay the flogger aside and began to rub my raw ass. His touch on my tender skin stung: a wonderful sting that made me proud to be my Masters servant. A sting that was so delicious it made the painful blows well worth the tolerance. My master began to brag how beautiful his red ass was and how much he loved to see it so red and raw. This moment made all the previous moments of pain all worth it. He was pleased. Pleasing my master is what I live for.

I heard *J* reach into the bedside table drawer for something. Shortly after I felt the wet sticky lube poured all over my asshole and pussy. It was dripping between my thighs and running down my ass crack. I guessed he decided to make use of my freshly reddened ass as his hole of pleasure. I was right, only it wasn't his cock that entered me. Instead he plunged a cold, hard, very large dildo into my asshole. He began to pump it in and out of my ass. I could feel the stinging sensation of my asshole stretching. He has not used my asshole for a long time and it was not used to being stretched so much. The pain was uncomfortable, but not intolerable. As long as my pain and discomfort was causing him pleasure, I would tolerate anything.

The ropes were cutting into my wrists. They quit aching long ago, they were now numb. I kept rubbing my fingers together trying to get the blood flowing again, but it didn't help. I dare not complain or look weak to my Master so I kept quiet about it. My only fear was the numbness. I am a diabetic therefore, circulation is a problem. With my hands going numb, it may be days or weeks before feeling came back. I had wished *J* would notice that I was struggling with them, even if that meant more lashes with the flogger.

After what seemed like half an hour with a dildo in my ass, *J* finally removed the dildo and began to open hand slap my tender ass. His touch was welcomed. It felt good to finally have my Master's hands on me. He dug his fingernails into my shoulders and drug them clear down to the underside of my ass several times. Oh how good it felt to be used by *J* once again. "You fucking slut, take this" I then heard him say as he jammed his hard cock into my asshole. He fucked my ass hard and deep. It felt good. I was nothing but a hole to him.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out "Are you alright?" he asked. Dare I mention the numbness in my hands? After a moment of thought, I knew I'd really get my ass beat if I allowed something bad to happen. He'd be very upset with me if I allowed his toy to be injured. "My hands are numb" I admitted. I didn't complain. I just stated a fact he would want to know. *J* climbed off of me and undid my wrists. Blood began to flow immediately and my fear of the numbness was laid to rest. The numbness quickly turned to tingling as the numbness subsided.

*J* returned to my ass and continued to fuck it hard and deep. It felt good to have his hard cock inside of me once again. It felt good to be his toy: his hole of pleasure. *J* groaned a deep groan of pleasure. I knew this meant he was about to cum. He pulled his throbbing cock out of my ass and spewed his cum all over my back. The heat from him felt good on my tender flesh. It felt good enough to cum to, but *J* had not given me permission to cum so I held it back.

"Go take a shower and clean up you filthy little slut. I'm not done with you yet" *J* ordered. As I climbed off the bed, I was weak and sore. I hid my smile from him as I went into the shower. My Master wasn't done using me yet.

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